Hard times (Teška vremena)

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Hard times

It's not important that i don't know you
you can still drink something with me
but i will reveal you something
from something damned long ago
She is not here for a long time
i don't live with her for a long time
and i'm still afraid
that somebody else wakes up next to her
so i say : go to hell to everything
and thousands of reasons are going trough my head
so i go back and forth
Hard times, my friend
let them go to hell
hard times, my friend
I didn't get over her
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Teška vremena

Nije mi vazno sto te ne znam
Al ipak popij sa mnom
Otkrit cu ti nesto
Od neceg prokleto davnom
Dugo je nema,
Dugo ne zivim s njom
I uvijek se bojim


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