Waiting for you (Te Esperando)

English translation

Waiting for you

Even if you don't take (accept) my pick up lines
Even if you meet another guy,
in the line at the bank,
called Fernando.
And have a date like those
dull ones.
Even if you two don't like each other
Even if you two get married without loving each other
And after six months
You two look at each other
and say: 'So?', 'Yeah'
Even if you just stand this marriage
because of your children, for a long time.
For ten, twenty, thirty years
or till you getting frightened by your white hairs.
One day, you'll sit in a rocking chair
will remember the time you were twenty,
will remember me and wonder:
'Where has this guy been?'.
And I, I'll be
waiting for you
Even though you may be an old lady, gaga,
in your nineties, widow and alone,
I won't care about that.
I'll call you and ask you out.
We will make out on the sofa
Even if it just happens in another life
I'll be
waiting for you.
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The lines with 'Even if' may seem very confusing at first, to tell the truth it is even in Portuguese, but you will understand them when you read 'One day...', because all those previous lines with 'even if' are linked to this one.

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Te Esperando

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Brujita3 years 5 weeks
Brujita     April 24th, 2013

Eu adoro Luan Santana *-* e a sua traduçao è perfeita! u.u
"Por onde essa cara deve estar?" "Where could this guy be?" mas acho que a sua è perfeita o mesmo!