I live you (Te vivo)

English translation

I live you

When I feel alone,
I let your presence be more intense
I shut my eyes closed
And see us

In just a couple of seconds,
I'm transported into another world
Into another constellation
I can't explain
What kind of sensation is that
When I see you
Come near me

We don't need to be side by side in order to be together
Our bodies talk to each other for hours on end
Without words, they all the time are speaking
How much they adore one another

I don't need to see you
So as to have you in my world
Because no matter where I go,
You are present in everything

In everything, everything I need, oh
I live you

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izabella.gonsauves3 years 29 weeks
izabella.gonsauves     October 11th, 2012

linda a musica

anna2     October 19th, 2012

adoro essa musica. Love

panji.pancamiyarwan     October 23rd, 2012

que legal, muito linda. Crying