End of an era [ Telos epohis (Τέλος εποχής) ]

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End of an era

Here in the city of winds
All look so silent now
We feel strangers, too lonely, it's dawning
Slowly, still steadily.
Take off the masks
They look into your eyes
Ask them "why?"
A story with no end, no meaning
A wrong era
Who, tell me who
It wasn't me
What, tell me what
I don't know what to say
It was the end of an era
The end of an era
The end....
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marinos254 years 33 weeks

Telos epohis (Τέλος εποχής)

Lyrics-music: Maskes
Εδώ στην πόλη των ανέμων
Τώρα μοιάζουνε όλα τόσο σιωπηλά
Νοιώθουμε ξένοι, τόσο μόνοι, ξημερώνει
αργά αλλά σταθερά.
Βγάλτε τις μάσκες
μέσα στα μάτια σας κοιτάνε


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Greek → English - teddypa
marinos25     August 5th, 2012

Hi, teddypa,
nice translation again.

You did a small mistake:
In the Greek text at "A story with no end, no meaning
End of an era" must be "Wrong" or so, because there isn't "Τέλος", but "Λάθος" εποχή...

teddypa     August 5th, 2012

Thank you, Marinos25! It is true that I've made a mistake. To be sincere, it is rather a negligence than a wrong translation. But still I am grateful that you pointed it out! I'll fix it right now!

marinos25     August 7th, 2012

I never said that the translation was wrong Smile
you welcome, all of us need help from time to time and more eyes can see more than just one couple of eyes Wink.
Thank you for accepting my notices, anyway...