It's hard to have me (Tesko me je imati)


Tesko me je imati

Gde si posla, kojim dobrom
znas da nisam tvoj kad sunce zadje
Stizem sutra oko jutra
a do tada ko se kako snadje
Tesko me je imati
ja sam vuk sto nocu lovi
zemlja nicija a sreca svacija
Tesko me je voleti
ja sam san sto oci vara
bajku ispricam a ne progovaram
Gde si posla mila moja
nasi snovi nisu istih boja
Nema magle, nema lazi
danju kazem, nocu to ne vazi
Jednu ja sam voleo
za nju samo bol je mera
svaka zora zato mora
da je otera
Znam ja dobro kako je
kad ti srce oci gasi
zato idi, samo idi
ma idi spasi se
Gde si posla
Submitted by MayGoLoco on Sat, 16/04/2011 - 21:34
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English translation

It's hard to have me

Where are you heading to, with what intention
you know that I'm not yours when the sun sets
I'm arriving tomorrow during the morning
but until then you're on your own
It's hard to have me
I'm a wolf who hunts at night
I'm no man's land, but everyone's luck
It's hard to love me
I'm the dream which deceives you
I tell the fairytale, but I don't speak
Where are you heading to my dear
our dreams aren't in the same colours
there's no fog, there are no lies
during the day I say something which doesn't apply at night
I've loved one woman
pain can only be compared to her
therefore every dawn must
dismiss her
I know very well what it is like
when your heart is closing your eyes
therefore go, just go
well, go save yourself
Where are you heading to
Submitted by MayGoLoco on Mon, 18/04/2011 - 20:44