Viikate - Teuvo, maanteiden kuningas (English translation)

English translation

Teuvo, the king of highways

The street of my hometown was made of gravel
There my Anglia turned on its roof
I wonder if the street sign is still crooked
That I crashed due to an driving error
As I had flown through the windshield
I had span along the hard shoulder
While I was spitting teeth at the bottom of the ditch
I puked blood and cried
A scar would be a pretty thing on this face
And the teeth could be redone
But the police took my license and the plates of my Anglia
That makes it difficult to have a hobby
I'm hoping to become a rally driver
Mommas boys shouldn't be giving advices
You won't win if you are scared
At the finish line we are celebrating our winner boy Teuvo
As I was looking for a car for the weekend
I borrowed my neighbours Sierra
As I collided with a truck on the highway
I might have collided for the last time
Teuvo, take us on a ride
Teuvo, they sold your Anglia
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Teuvo, maanteiden kuningas

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