think outside the box

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think outside the box (English) — Think in an original or creative way. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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think outside the box — kalıpların dışında düşünmek

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Translations of "think outside the box"

EnglishThink out of the box
FrenchSortir des sentiers battus
Germanausgetretene Pfade verlassen
ItalianPensare fuori dagli schemi

"think outside the box" in lyrics

i make it in the way that is forbidden
it's rap'n'roll (and i like it)
free me from panicking (rap'n'roll)
think outside the box (rap'n'roll)
free me from the role they've given me (and i like it)

J-Ax - Rap'n'Roll

I know that everything will be fine
Do not listen to those who speak out regardless
Think outside the box and beyond to
Truth vomiting spitting until the grave
No mixing no playing games

Cafe Shahor Hazak - Everything will be alright

Cause everyone knows it's the sex that God can't see

Yeah, my chastity belt has locks
But sometimes you need to think outside the box

Garfunkel and Oates - The Loophole

You can’t discern affection from attraction,
You think that you’re in love but you’re so blind,
If you’d think outside the box a little…
You would see that she is not your type.

Magnolia (Romanian band) - Leave Her Alone

When you’re on my mind
I kinda like it
Asleep, but for real
(If you) Think outside the box
Then everybody
Could help their appeal

The Vaccines - Dream Lover

Parce que tout le monde sait que c’est le sexe que Dieu ne voit pas

Oui, ma ceinture de chasteté a des serrures
Mais parfois il faut sortir des sentiers battus[fn]<em>To think outside the box</em>, que l’on peut traduire par « sortir des sentiers battus », veut dire littéralement « penser en dehors de la boîte » ; <em>box</em> est également un mot d’argot pour le vagin.[/fn]

Garfunkel and Oates - La Faille

Jag måste hitta sätt
Att slå an den perfekta strängen[fn]Idiom (a bit modified), literally "to strike the perfect string"[/fn]
Måste gå mot strömmen
Bryta mönstret[fn]Literally "break the pattern". Could also use "tänka utanför ramarna" (think outside the box), it might fit better as it has more positive connotations.[/fn]
Men hur ska jag kunna komma på det
När jag är för-fö förstummad

The Fooo Conspiracy - Förstummad

Without understanding once how much time has past already
The most can't get out of here anymore
'Cause they take the easy path, they never had a dream
To think outside the box was never risked[fn value="1"] literally: The look over the edge of the plate was never risked.[/fn]
If you don't have a desire to fight, you can only lose
Read in the newspaper of the rich and the beautiful

Kayef - Cast off

But alternately, I'll Ctrl you and keep on deleting!
Like a care-a-less Mia, final Opera towards the light,
On a carousel of shotguns you'll be singing through the night!
Think outside the box of water strapped to your head,
Or else you won't S.U.R.V.I.V.E. in the Final Chapter's End!
You will function like a puzzle when the tables get turned,

Epic Rap Battles of History - Jigsaw Vs GLaDOS