What unites us? (Ti enai auto pou mas enonei)

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What unites us?

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I would like a night in the Island of the Winds
In order to find the fake Wine of Destiny,
The one that takes the frost away.
I'll drink it, and I'll go away.
In order to I'll find the unquenchable fire of Smyrna,
To reveal the secrets of Aegean sea,
To sing the things, what I know,
And to feel, that I know you long time ago.
What is that which unites us,
It separates us, it hurts us?
It's the time to ending this,
And we'll stay alone again.
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Ti enai auto pou mas enonei

Tha'thela mia nihta stou anemou to nisi
na'vriska tis miras to pseftiko krasi
ekino pou se vgazi ap'tin pagonia
na to po na figo makria


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