You are here (Ti si tu)

English translation

You are here

I could easily get hit by lightning now
and I wouldn't even feel it
wouldn't even move
Angels could come from heaven for me now
and I wouldn't even blink
wouldn't even smile
Summers go, summers come
Sun is shining for me
Dream store you are opening me
This icy rain can't get to me at all
Sorrow is already half finished
You are here
Birds stop
You are here
Wrinkles disappear
And when you're gone, my restlessness
Songs are created
Submitted by Spring on Mon, 29/12/2008 - 08:57

Ti si tu

Mene sada hladno moze udariti grom
Da ne osjetim
Da se ne pomjerim
Po me' sada s neba mogu sici andjeli
I da ne trepnem
Da se ne osmjehem