Greek Children Songs - Tiritomba (Τιριτομπα) (Transliteration)


Tiritomba (Τιριτομπα)

Στης Αθήνας όταν βγαίνω τα σοκάκια
βλέπω κάτι κοριτσάκια
που 'χουν μαύρα μάτια, κόκκινα χειλάκια
και τραγούδια λεν γλυκά.
Τιριτόμπα, Τιριτόμπα
η ματιά σου μου 'χει πάρει το μυαλό
Τιριτόμπα, Τιριτόμπα
κερασάκι μου γλυκό!
Για την κάθε μαυρομάτα σινιορίνα
την παμπόνηρη τσαχπίνα
τα αγόρια με κιθάρες, μαντολίνα
βγαίνουνε και τραγουδούν.
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Stis Athínas ótan vyéno ta sokákia
Vlépo káti koritsákia
Pu 'khu mávra mátia, kókkina khilákia
Kie tragúthia len yliká.
Tiritómba, Tiritómba
I matiá su mu khi pári to mialó
Tiritómba, Tiritómba
Kerasáki mu glikó!
Ye tin káthe mavromáta siniorína
Tin pampóniri tsachpína
Ta agória me kitháres, mantolína
Vgaínoune kai tragoudoún.
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Author's comments:

transcription for a german speaker

Miley_Lovato    Thu, 23/03/2017 - 13:18

που 'χουν = pu' khun ( if it was written έχουν you could have written ekhun but now there's no e mentioned)

και = ke ( αι = ε Foreign speakers tend to use an i after K but it doesn't exists anywhere. It's a matter of their accents but it doesn't exist in Greek)

Tiritóba (I think it's an Italian dance if I'm not making a mistake but in any case it's a foreign word so it's just B)

Regular smile

SaintMark    Thu, 23/03/2017 - 13:40

που 'χουν: you are right, there is no "e" here whatsoever.
that was a writing mistake. my new black keyboard gives me a bit of trouble. i write very fast and sometimes make mistakes.

but tiritomba is written correctly, its an italian folk song also performed by helmut lotti.
normally in greek writing M+P=B but here its an italian word so that rule doesn't apply.

Miley_Lovato    Thu, 23/03/2017 - 19:11

I'm sorry I thought that the kids were pronuncing M + B separately (we tend to do it) so I thought it was a mistake.