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azucarinhoI think it's imperative one should already have the basics of the language one wants to learn, and then from there on it's a neverending process. Although proficient in English and German I still lear...azucarinho8
sandringДорогой друг Segregator! Какие-бы ни было песни они пели, они погибли трагически, поэтому давайте просто помолчим. ...sandring4
Alma BarrocaWe can! I would have never understood what I understand of Italian grammar if not because of the translations I submit and the very useful feedback I receive from native speakers. Not to ment...Alma Barroca4
bap19891I think it has helped me greatly in my language learning. I believe translation is essential to see how things work between languages. The biggest benefit for me is learning new vocabulary in my targe...bap198914
NoruweiNoMoriHi there! :) I'd say yes. It can indeed help when it is used as a supplementary activity to learning a language.There are some considerations however, and I’d say that this site is more suited to...NoruweiNoMori4
GeheiligtLet me do my bit towards the subject! I started learning Modern Standard Arabic one year after my registration on the site. At that time, I really wanted to learn things through...Geheiligt4
AldefinaAgainst the opinions that were expressed here I must say that it’s possible to learn languages translating songs even if you are an absolute beginner, though it’s not easy and you need to work rea...Aldefina4
Hansi K_Lauer
Golden Rider translation
Negative, Josh. A "Umgehungsstraße" is a road built around a town or city center to keep the through going motor traffic out. As a "roundabout" we would regard a circle traffic in order to avoid a ...
Hansi K_Lauer3
Alma BarrocaThanks for the wishes, Sebastian!! :) I wish you the same!! 2017 will be a weird year for me... I plan to go back to college (I plan to take another undergraduate course like Literature, History or...Alma Barroca3
Higgs BosonHappy New Year, folks! I wish that 2017 should be a creative and enriching experience for all! My resolutions... I have none in specific, except for learning as if I am immortal and living as if I ...Higgs Boson3
phantasmagoriaYes, you're allowed to do it :)phantasmagoria3
Śpij translation
Oooo... Bardzo Ci dziękuję :party:
Lullaby translation
Musixmatch shouldn't be treated as a source of lyrics, because it works similar way as LT - people submit them. These are not official lyrics as one expects. I always listen to the song before transla...
roster 31I think azucarinho was very wise in giving you the basics. Any sort of practice, helps, and here, at LT you will get extra help from us.roster 313
BalkanTranslate1Yes, my Albanian language level has certainly improved, my Polish too. Feedback is very useful for me, and I like to be corrected in order to learn words and grammar correctly. Sure it helps me a lot!...BalkanTranslate13
bonney12I'd definitely say that translating lyrics is a very good way to keep your language skills up, as it helps you not only develop your knowledge of grammar but also your vocabulary, since you have to lo...bonney123
roster 31All comments have been very constructive. ¡Un 'viva' a nuestros usuarios!roster 313
Buon Natale translation
Ciao amica mia, tanti, tanti auguri di Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo anche a te :party:
Alexander LaskavtsevФилипп, хвала пуно! Попробуй вот так: "Ей-богу, она похоронит меня/она сведёт меня в могилу" "Шатаешь, как трещ...Alexander Laskavtsev2
sandringСейчас песня выглядит очень хорошо, спасибо нашим ребятам. Одно пожелание - Точка слабости по-русски - это "уяз...sandring2
IceyIf I may dare, I would suggest a few changes (some are mistakes, others are just slightly different interpretations): French: It hides a treasure nobody is aware of [cache: "hide", third singular per...Icey2
makis17Να περιμένεις και την επίσκεψη μιας φίλης μου που αν της πεις "Bowie" την μαζεύεις με τα κουταλάκια από το πάτωμα!...makis172
MichaelMeΑνδριάνα σε ευχαριστώ πολύ κι εσένα :) Όταν αφήνεις ευχαριστημένους τους μεγάλους φαν, ξέρεις ότι έκανες κάτι ...MichaelMe2
You are my habibi translation
Hey, thanks for the help :) I'm still learning albanian :D I corrected the lyrics except the last one because somebody native albanian told me the translation for that verse because I couldn't fin...
mario.rodriguezgonzalez.9[quote=Kostuszka]So, this translation: Is to this song: http://lyricstra...mario.rodriguezgonzalez.92
Alma BarrocaHi, Wolfgang, thanks for the translation. It's good but has some mistakes. Vagalume is not always a good site to provide translations as when users do not submit one it uses GoogleTranslate and other ...Alma Barroca2
roster 31
Penas de amor translation
Gracias, Elope, por aceptar mis sugerencias. Han quedado algunas cositas sueltas. Te diré: " no hagas pergunta --> "preguntas" (dos veces) "puedo oferecer" --> ofrecer" "Pues solo a ti" --> "só...
roster 312
Besatnias[quote=Alma Barroca]I like to call people by their given names, it makes things more personal and less virtual, it's as if I knew them outside LT :p[/quote] In this case, I'd rather you didn't. I u...Besatnias2
phantasmagoriaHappy New Year!, I wish the same good things for all of you as well :) I expect nothing less than heartache (and headaches) from friends, family and co-workers. I don't do resolutions because I se...phantasmagoria2
roster 31¡Qué casualidad! Iba yo a hablarte de esto mismo.roster 312
roster 31Go ahead. We would like to see your work.roster 312
Como como translation
Bardzo dobrze, Marku. At least I think so. ;) I love the title :bigsmile: I've just listened to the song again while reading your translation. My knowledge of Sardinian is very limited, so I cannot b...
Kicia14021991I'm sorry I did not know. Thank you for the information. Regards.Kicia140219912
FelicityИзвинявам се за намесата, която не е изцяло по темата, но в изречението This is the good life, по мое мнение life тук е predicat...Felicity2
Soltanto con te translation
Aah! No sabía que hablabas el italiano tan fluido. :)
kdraviaNice! Good luck. I hope there is someone among the translators who lives there. Where is this group? In Facebook? What are you doing for living? Sorry for asking you so many questions. And one more ...kdravia2
kdraviaWell, I have friends who lived for 15 years in several states and finally they decided to go back to Bulgaria and especially Varna. If and when you are ready to take off to Varna I can give their coo...kdravia2
Sentieri translation
That's what the system said (a bit too harshly for my liking) when I tried to cast one more vote ;) Well, no, it's you who are definitely too modest.
pmusialowskiСпасибо за переводы, я делаю небольшую рок-энциклопедию для поляков, и Вы мне очень помогаете и уже много помо...pmusialowski2
Mine translation
Y no es "ternuda" sino "ternura" tampoco "luz de pleno da" sino "luz de pleno día" :bigsmile:
Las aves translation
Andrzej, muchas gracias por esta traduccion. Es muy bonita, pero me parece que "yo no lo sé también" debe ser "yo no lo sé tampoco" Verdad? Gracias de nuevo :shy:
Las aves translation
Gracias, Nadia. Tienes razón. He corregido. :)
Green_SattvaPlease rewrite your translation in small letters You can use this tool
Alexander LaskavtsevDear Shehab! Could you PLEASE behave more seriously and kindly do what you were asked by Sophia and Elena? We are not in kindergarten here. Thank you in advance for understanding.Alexander Laskavtsev2
massieballerieEvanescence-ROX, κοιτώντας την μετάφρασή μου μετά από 4,5 χρόνια, συνειδητοποίησα ότι όντως είχα δύο λάθη, τα οποία κα...massieballerie2
Alexander LaskavtsevSnehab, just in case, please read the Site Rules, especially rules number two and three in the "Adding content" section. ;)Alexander Laskavtsev2
Donnie Brasco
I'd give my life translation
thank you so much Miss. RobinK for translating this song too. People in general rarely cares in responding like this. You are a rare kind indeed. I hope at least you enjoyed the songs!. Thanks to ...
Donnie Brasco2
Green_SattvaGood. Please, do the same thing with these translations
Вадим Довганюк
Lullaby translation
Hence the "You're correct" I said Aldefina. ;-) Kind of annoying that they're added as source every time though, especially as their lyrics are far too often incorrect... An easy example being: ht...
Вадим Довганюк2
Alexander LaskavtsevWhy 1 star then? P.S. As a moderator I must inform you, that our voting system is not intended for expression your own emotions concerning a translation and|or translator, but as an educational syste...Alexander Laskavtsev2