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Hi, Please ask for translations in the forum only if you requested it and it took too long for anyone to complete it. Also, please be patient - you have 954 completed requests, many of which Greek-...CherryCrush7
#Covfefe forum
It really makes me miss the days when the biggest scandal coming from the President was when Obama asked if a burger place had Dijon mustard.
Hello Unbalanced translation
Are you sure this translation deserves five stars...? I think it doesn't make any sense.
Hello Unbalanced translation
I agree with Fary, even Google Translate gives much more sensible text.
Ivan U7n4
An intellectual prowess is a display of exceptionally high intelligence and knowledge. To be highly skilled, knowledgeable at/of something. Prowess often has a negative connotation though. A pers...Ww Ww4
Someone who goes to a nudist beach and remembers faces afterwards.Higgs Boson4
I don't find the English especially strange. "bring someone through something" as "help someone overcome something" is rather common.petit élève4
It sounds like you are soul-searching, too. Write something to yourself explaining exactly what it is you want to do, and why. Be very clear and very specific about what you are willing to ...rainymoon3
Hello! I personally don't think it's a silly question; sometimes, slang can be a language of its own (kind of like Jamaican patois). My best guess is that it means the individual is lifting the grate...crimsonDyname3
This is a really interesting discussion! I know what you mean about not being able to find someone to practise your speaking with. You could try a Skype language exchange https:...Hoffnung3
Hmm - it sounds like he's running a little business selling drinks and snacks. So pop the grate and wipe down the awning - sounds like he's raising the security grate that protects the window and wip...Gavier3
#Covfefe forum
There is a word "konfeti" in Serbian. I thought he wanted to say something like that. It means confetti. :D But it seams to be mistake. He left his mobile in the pocket and went to sleep. It was "butt...
#Covfefe forum
I think he had just started to type "coverage" when his Punto Switch went off into his Russian keyboard! This notorious "fefe" corresponds to Russian "ay-ay" which is a cry in the wilderness. Howling ...
I agree, but how would users who don't what's in Mandarin and what's in Cantonese when they submit songs or make requests? We currently have 2,309:
Thanks! forum
I experience this too, my "thanks" have increased significantly. It sure feels nice to be rewarded, doesn't it?
Higgs Boson3
Thanks! forum
Since I started posting equirhythmic rhymed translations of classical poetry, the thanks dried up almost completely. Even fulfilled requests get no attention lately. I guess that tells you something a...
St. Sol3
Nagorno-Kharabakh!? It is not a country! I have no idea why is it on the list? Provocation! Why? Is the site becoming less friendly like all people of the world in these days?vodkapivo3
#Polyglot problems: Not being able to find enough opportunities to practise the languages you speak so you are ridden by a fear that your ability to speak is gradually fading and all ...Higgs Boson3
Higgs Boson wrote: [quote] What defines a good book is somewhat of an abstract concept, personal for everyone. To me, a good book is one that elevates me to other worlds, that makes me feel emotio...rainymoon3
Всё отлично! Волнами развЕвались твои волосы - а то (если развивались) получается, что волосы находились в про...elmetli2
Thank youprozacgulumsemesi2
Corrections made.phantasmagoria2
Soyun translation
bana sert vurdu*
Remember Darling translation
I don't understand Turkish but his translation doesn't make any sense. Do you think "mecnun" is an English word?
Hello Unbalanced translation
They don't need to know Turkish. I don't know that language as well but I can clearly see that the English translation is a mess (what do you get from 'So love benefit of until was throwly throws'?). ...
Alma Barroca2
Hello Unbalanced translation
Доброй! Я не владею турецким ни капли, но английский понимаю. И этот набор слов я никак не могу назвать осмысле...
Ivan U7n2
"einige Worte zu transkribieren" is correct, or "Transkribieren einiger Worte", although that sounds very formal. However, I'd rather use "Wörter" here. "Wörter" means several single words (also se...Sciera2
Here you are :) Vivre dans les règles, moi je dis c'est un tort Dans ce monde où règne la loi du plus fort. Les espoirs te bercent et puis s'évaporent. Pourquoi respecter des lois Qui ne so...Klou2
Yeah, it was quite awkward for me to find out that Bulgarian is case-free... I had (and I'm still having) a lot of problems when it comes to using the definite article... If there's something that I c...Nexus982
Your translation is magnificentbijan.kardouni2
Oh, those Russians... They always want for something to be fixed.. "Но тут явились санитары и зафиксировали нас" ;)Brat2
Gracias! :)Alma Barroca2
Bonita canción. Déjame que clarifique uno de tus comentarios: "I won't let you go" , en esta canción, obviamente se refiere a una persona, "YOU"; en caso contrario, el inglés diría "IT" que es ...roster 312
Ја сам имао седам година када сам прогнан из Далмације али читав живот сам слушао људе укључујући ђеда, баку, ...ФК Обилић2
Good point, Black Eagle. Context is everything. You won't translate a song from the 30's like you would the last Beyoncé hit. I actually hate it when some bands write lyrics about some insignifica...petit élève2
Soñador translation
Hecho! Muchas gracias :)
Gloria, I'm afraid even for the admins there are little chances. It's the same what happens on your computer - you can recover deleted files when you act immediately, otherwise they get overwritten pr...Aldefina2
You have to tell yourself that the native speaker will appreciate you speaking in their tongue and will expect mistakes, and your mistakes will be OK. The more you do this, and the more your treat the...Fantasy2
#Covfefe forum
[quote=crimsonDyname]Who knows what's going on in his mind? It wouldn't surprise me if he was on his way to senility, from what I've garnered from his speech patterns and tweets. The main theory that'...
Higgs Boson2
There are a few transcription errors here: - high luck on, babe = >High like a bird - Trying not to forget my wings=> trying not to forget my words - I tend not keep changing my mind => tend to k...Gavier2
Fanette translation
Personal names usually take no article in French, but in small villages,especially in Southern France, people tend to use articles: "Le Louis", "La Marie", etc. "Fanette" is a typical first name of S...
petit élève2
Flamakae bebek translation
Aaa nasıl aklıma gelmemiş :) düzeltiyorum hemen
Nynorsk? forum
Norwegian perspective here. There is no reason to separate the two written standards Bokmål and Nynorsk for a few reasons. They are very similar, and Norwegians learn both written forms in school and...
ευχαριστω! μόνο μια σημείωση : (Να! Στ' αρχίδια μας!) , εγώ μόνο ένα ΝΑ ακούω εκτος κι αν λένε ΝΑΙMiley_Lovato2
Κι εγώ το ίδιο. Μνημόνια μέχρι να παγώσει η ΚΟΛΑΣΗ.makis172
θα έχουμε ψοφησει νωρίτεραMiley_Lovato2
Tja, was einem alles so in den Kopf kommt, wenn man auf der Couch mitten in der Nacht vor dem eingeschalteten TV aufwacht und auf ZDFinfo Dokus über die Hausbesetzerszene mit langmähnigem Joschka Fi...Hansi K_Lauer2
I agree completely, it's getting really annoying when I see requests for Chinese-->English translations and the lyrics turn out to be in Cantonese when I research them furthercrimsonDyname2
Μην ανησυχείς, Miley, ο στίχος αφαιρέθηκε. Πέρασα το κομμάτι από πρόγραμμα επεξεργασίας μήπως και μπορέσω να επ...Tristana2
Υπονοείς κάτι, αγαπητέ μου; :D Μάκη, δεν υπάρχει "πώς και γιατί" όταν κάνεις απομαγνητοφώνηση. Δεν κάνεις ερ...Tristana2