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We apologize for the recent bugs. Most of them have already been fixed, but we are still working to get everything back to normal. They were caused not by new features, but by the server-side updates ...lt10
I think one would have to lead a very sad existence to make fake "thanks" for him-/herself on LT! :D I don't know if it exists, but I hope the members here have more self-respect than that. And if the...Loot6
If you translate into/from languages others don't generally know you will see little to no votes/ratings. So 'Thanks' are the only recognition besides a view count that there is any interest or measur...Ww Ww6
[@doctordepressionistas] Seems like you don't get it. If something happens only to one user, then the problem might be with his internet connection (lots of things have happened to me because of m...taddy266
Seems someone really had a virus of the mind and the latter seems to have self-destructed the host. Oh well, may he find himself. Back on the topic. I hope admins can do something during the weekend ...Ivan U7n6
I think it is a recent general bug, as since yesterday I noticed that my new translation doesn't show on my profile and also the page views aren't counted anymore. But I remember there were bugs like ...maluca6
The same thing has happened to me. As of December 3, 2017 it has stopped counting my translations. I added 4 translation after my last one, none appear on my profile but the number of translation does...phantasmagoria6
And this is just one of the many reasons why I hate English prepositions :PAlma Barroca6
Hi. I'm sure you're doing great, don't feel offended. People can't rate your translations if they don't understand the two languages involved, right? Be patient, someone who can speak both languages i...taddy265
I'd gladly rate one of your translations if I knew Hindi, Persian or Arabic, but I don't :(Josemar5
The number of thanks isn't that important, I believe, but the number of reads is. I would make the number visible to all visitors and users. It reveals how interesting translations really are. Now I c...sandring5
This is the problem I encountered: If I go to my account page (, the last translation I did (
m.a., you're depressionista? Welcome back... I'm sincerely sorry that you felt that some people there didn't treat you with respect. However... Taddy (an editor) and Flopsi (just an user l...Osa5
Since it's been brought up there are things needing addressed: These policy changes without blanket notification are unacceptable. They breed distrust and resentment. It has been my thought that E...Ww Ww5
In general everyday speech, I'd say the difference is minor. However, there can be subtle distinctions depending on context. For example: "I want to sing a song to you," seems to mean more that I want...tdwarms5
It's a shame but I think a lot of it is down to people getting into an argument in what isn't their first language. To me it generally read like people were trying to help but the message just wasn't ...Gavier5
Amsikors translation
Thank you so much for this translation, my friend! I can’t understand a single Latvian word, but I do really appreciate your interest for this piece of ancient history of my land. Ti ringrazio ta...
My username is Lobolyrix - You want to know what this will say? Well, it has to do something with lyrics - Yeah, it's very simple, hey! Wolfgang is my real name, So old-fashioned, it's a shame....Lobolyrix4
Hi, you are right, at min 2:41 is Arabic "شُربة خُضار" which means « vegetable soup ». the word « masaari » which means « money » can be heard as well, but I couldn’t decipher if wh...Sandy M4
Thank You People. I understand that Indic Languages aren't very prominent on this site, and since many of my works are just to and from Hindi, getting a rating is hard. I also consider it as a matter...SAKAE4
Requests can only be opened by registered members. 'Thanks' can be given by anyone who access the website, registered or not. Maybe the person who thanked you didn't want to create a new account ;) ...Alma Barroca4
Okay, I've read the comments. Why is this all taken so seriously? What has happened anyway? Someone changed your translation? In what way? I'm just getting that you want changes that you don't clarif...Flopsi4
Why should we remove the thanking system? People might not want to register in the website but they want to engage in our activities, so what's the harm in Guests thanking? No one is allowed to edi...Alma Barroca4
Yes, this happens to me sometimes. I just added this translation but I can't see it on my profile. However this has happened before, I expect...Gavier4
The problem is not appearing translations might be a bug, and it is not something unfair to anyone. Though as I mentioned, you translations are available for me, then it should be availavle for you, ...taddy264
Not replicating neither consuming memory resource, Sorry! Not a "VIRUS". I have really had no problem e-mailing problems to LT first hand encountering a problem rather than getting Capital Letters on...SAKAE4
Frankly, what is happening here?...taddy264
Frankly Great Greek Translator vs Petit WebApp bugs, Petit bugs win A bit less frankly, We lost a notable greek translator who was pissed off by people who were justifying his and their helplessnes...SAKAE4
A rage quit happened! If ever I saw one, that was the one! :O I'm fine with closing this thread.Loot4
[@m.a.] No, please nobody meant to hurt you or anything. We apperciate you instead. But there's just one thing, all of us said that the bug was reported and would be solved soon, but you didn't seem t...taddy264
It's not performance. It's a state of mind brought on by the clarity of meditation where a state of thoughtlessness and selflessness bring about the separation of body and spirit. They can't be forced...Ww Ww4
Great news!taddy264
On the other hand, I think nobody mistreated Dr. He was just very impatient...taddy264
Ha nacido un Rey translation
Gracias Rosa, lo he corregido y he cambiado algunas cosas más. A veces me equivoco con los nombres masculinos que en sardo o en italiano son femeninos o viceversa. Ten paciencia...   :/
I love 'Im so much translation
thank u so much for transliteration request.
Rrr 20163
Coco (OST) artist
can't wait to watch this film!
¡Muchas gracias, Metodius!! :)Osa3
The Lady of Aragon translation
Oh, merci de tot cor! :)
De res. Lo fau ab un grand gost, doncas la traduccion es excellenta, aital coma la cançon! :)Metodius3
Gràcies un còp de mès. Ei ua des mies cançons preferides en occitan. :)tdwarms3
I noticed that my contribution (#46) actually is misplaced here because in this topic is asked for the real names, not the usernames. So sorry! But I will not erase it because of all the kindly like...Lobolyrix3
My first name (María) comes from Virgin Mary. Apparently the meaning is still being debated and ranges from nice definitions like "sublime" to ones with a negative connotation like "grief" or "sorrow...Rezz3
Penseta translation
"Shame on you" is accurate.
Penseta translation
Yes you are right, "aşk olsun" shows displeasure and offence
My username Panacea , Panakea Πανάκεια, Panakeia) is a goddess of universal remedy. She is the daughter of Asclepius and Epione. Panacea and her four sisters each performed a facet of Apollo's...panacea3
Большое спасибо Вам за правки. Вы добавляете в мою деятельность здесь бесценный образовательный компонент :) ...Alexander Laskavtsev3
This song is in Russian, but there might be some Arabic too :-) Interesting „soup”. Add it to Russian transcription request, so we will find out what is he singing about. I am curious :-)Super Girl3
Very welcome :) "vegetable soup" would be pronounced in dialectal Arabic as heard in the song as “chorbet khodaar”Sandy M3
This thread is probably already considered closed, seems it's been a long time since someone last responded, but I just came across this and I read some of the responses and such. First o...Dimasha3
Erhebe dich translation
ich wuensche dir einen schoenen Geburtstag, Wolfgang!