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Спасибо за Ваш отзыв! Что касается лично меня, то иногда я перевожу песни, с языков, которыми не владею. Это п...Alexander Laskavtsev5
There has been a bug by which some content got unpublished by mistake in the last couple days. It was just now reported. Since you can still access your unpublished content (in the case of translat...Sciera4
I consider myself lucky to be a native French speaker. I'm sure I would never have had the guts to learn the language if it had required more efforts than being born in France :). The syntax is ric...petit élève4
I really wish that they would change the language rules back to how they were before 1999. There was so much more diversity.crimsonDyname4
I totally agree with that. Here is the comment you're refering to, with an approximative translation A mon avis, le sens est très différent : - la main au cul, c'est un geste paillard, ok. - le...petit élève3
Русский (да и все восточнославянские) язык поразителен тем, что там спокойно уживается двойное отрицание в ра...Alexander Laskavtsev3
Ukrainian: @petit élève: "студентик", "студенча",  :D @rainymoon: "дощовитий місяць"  @opulence: "багатство", "заможні...Alexander Laskavtsev3
Just for reminder: public discussion of admin's/moderator's actions can lead to permanent ban.Alexander Laskavtsev3
Монстер translation
Хорошо, спасибо за комментарий!
Казарян Рузанна3
I’m native Russian and I like it for its power of expression and won’t change it for anything. But I would like (like Gloria) to have another language at native level, doesn’t matter which one a...Ivan U7n3
Eurovision 2017 is very boring. Really. Typical pop-music and these epic hologrames with faces singers on the I thought Italy is winner, but the singer sang bad on scene. Norway an...AntonWinter3
Ох, эти фанаты К-поп... Пусть оставят тот перевод, который наиболее близок к оригиналу. Я корейским не владею, н...AntonWinter3
To me, the question is as relevant for books as it is for people. A good book is like someone you met and liked. I sure would not want to break that down into features. One of my favourite novels w...petit élève3
Sounds like a Brazilian modinha to me but the singer is definetively Portuguese. There's a little fragment which is the only key I could find: Adeus, adeus, minha adorada Eulina, Ordena a sina cu...Gleb Voscanian2
It's much easier in French, where instead of "dare del tu" or "hablar de tú" they have a special verb for it: "tutoyer"meaning to use the pronoun "tu" and its dative case "toi" ("toy" in Middle Frenc...michealt2
Wipe Me Out translation
Εντάξει απίστευτη μετάφραση, καθόμουν κ σκεφτόμουν μια μέρα ότι είναι δύσκολο κάποια τραγούδια με φράσεις αρ...
Mina St2
The Summit translation
A very inspiring poem! It is truly wonderful that thanks to language enthusiasts like you we can appreciate this poetry. ¡Muchísimas gracias!
¡Muchas gracias, Rosa! I'll look into your suggestions when I get back home. :)maëlstrom2
Все очень хорошо, все красиво! Даже придраться не к чему :)vodkapivo2
Hi, Thanks for reporting this, I have notified the admins, so hopefully the unsubscribe button will reappear soon :)CherryCrush2
Красивый перевод!!!A.S.M2
Очень хороший перевод!Nikolai Yalchin2
Благодарю НиколайA.S.M2
Не за что!Nikolai Yalchin2
[quote=Fary]I added these, but 20 doesn't have lyrics.[/quote]Now it does :)Geheiligt2
Το λατρεύω να ξέρεις!Πάντα όταν πάω να μεταφράσω ψαγμένα,αγαπημένα κομμάτια και υπάρχει ήδη Ελληνική μετάφρα...Religiously Unkind2
¡De nada, siempre a la orden! :)Enjovher2
Vse horosho i mne ponravilos'. Tol'ko vot poslednjaja stroka... Tut est' svoja osobennost' jazyka, skazhem tak - iskljuchenie iz pravil i tut slovo "hani" ne oznachaet "gde". "Hani sen hep benimdin...vodkapivo2
Для того, чтобы когда-нибудь я не творил сквернословие. - Чтобы я никогда не сквернословил (?)Alexander Laskavtsev2
[quote=Рой] Скажите, пожалуйста, по правилам сайта публиковать дублирующие переводы нельзя.[/quote] Почему нельзя? ...Green_Sattva2
I haven't done much. Sorry.roster 312
Tienes razón, Carlooz. I already made some comments on it but, in regards to "Searching For WHAT I Am", I am trying to translate the title and include "ando", in this case "I am".roster 312
А подивіться, які цікаві коментарі я знайшов! Тут висловлюється думка, що це не суто сексуальний жест, він має...nikita.nik.122
"Solved" button now should be active for Editors. Subscribe/unsubscribe button fixed.lt2
Соглашусь с Александром, все мои «неточные» переводы (критерий мне тоже интересен), имеют в авторском коммент...Ivan U7n2
That's not a new bug, though, I think I already reported it like 5 years ago and if I remember it correctly I was told that it's not an issue with the website but with HTML. But maybe it can get fixe...Sciera2
Well, as a native Brazilian I can give you tons of recommendations ;) But I'll name only my favorites: Marisa Monte (I dare say she's the widest known Brazilian voice), Vanessa da Mata, Ana Carolin...Alma Barroca2
Para translation
Nikolai Yalchin2
For singers from Portugal, you could take a look at the country in Eurovision. They have never sung in anything but Portugese (apart from a few half-English songs) in its 48 years of participation. I ...crimsonDyname2
He who went astray translation
Me dévoraient déjà des yeux -> Would need something a bit stronger, I think. "cast me greedy/longing glances" or "looked at me greedily/longingly" maybe? Like vultures waiting for him to drop dead....
petit élève2
He who went astray translation
dévoraient - yes, a bit stronger is a good idea. So I've changed "eyes" to "rapacious eyes". Thought about "avaricious" but that is used only of people, where as "rapacious" can be used of things a...
this is so awesome of you all. you can as well translate into french, german or spanish, if thats less work for you, i can do the english. i always pick english cause i think almost the whole world no...SaintMark2
Décorations translation
Also "Гpемит ключами дpемyчий лес" is connected with the well known pilgrimage site near Moscow "Гремячий ключ" ("ключ
Привет, Антон! Вместо навешивания ярлыков давай скажем, что мы просто друзья Я бы лучше принял тебя без вся...sandring2
Как варианты: 1) Я бы предпочёл тебя как есть, без лишних обязательств (свадьба и т.п.) 2) Любовь не значит, что я ...Ivan U7n2
На здоровье!Nikolai Yalchin2
Décorations translation
OK, and by the way I'd also like to note that in Russian we call by "дремучий лес" not only a thick forest but also the things that are too complicated, doubtful, unclear, for that you'll ...
И артиклей нет и согласований времён.A.S.M2
Да Николай настоящий товарищ!!!A.S.M2
Спасибо тебе большое Александр!Nikolai Yalchin2