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I'm still sticking with Firefox, despite its increasing unstability and memory consumption. Apparently it started a year or two ago, when they tried to circumvent the crash-prone Flash player by launc...petit élève6
[quote=Alma Barroca] I only know Marinetti for his relation with the Futurist movement, maybe a native Italian can help more. @Hampsicora, for instance. [/quote] It would be a hard task to resume t...Hampsicora5 I think this yt channel is very good for learning phrases that are used in a daily perspective and this one
I think Baudelaire would have considered the Internet a barbaric place crawling with uncouth peasants :D Et le corbeau, immuable, est toujours installé, toujours installé sur le buste pâle ...petit élève4
Regocijaos translation
Ciao Jami, che bello rivederti!!! :) Brava! *thumbs_up*
Bye translation
Hi all, Olcay, I have nothing to do with Enca myself - I have translated a song which had a request for due to my knowledge of Albanian, nothing more. Liking a song on my part does not mean I agree...
Hi all, thank you very much for your opinions, it really helped me get an idea about the language itself. Will check out all the suggestions, and hopefully will start learning it very soon, time pe...CherryCrush4
It’s fine, Ana (?). I think it’s ridiculous when you’re called by your username and your real name is visible in your profile. I got mad when people call me Aldefina. Anyway, no Spaniard was abl...Aldefina4
NEVER EVER install a program through an automatic downloader. ALWAYS make sure you click on "manual download". otherwise it will install the bing searchbar and possibly trojans, rootkit viruses etc.SaintMark4
C'est triste, et en plus elle avait du talent cette fille. que tu me vois -> typo Pour faire de ma chienne de vie -> j'entends un "et" devantpetit élève3
Triste en effet. Je viens de lire ça sur sa page Wikipédia.. Je n'avais jamais entendu parler d'elle en plus. c'est corrigé merciKlou3
It's referred to the habit of the fans to light up a lighter when starts their preferred song...Viola Ortes3
Good French poets are too many to count. Villon, Hugo, Baudelaire, Prévert, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Apollinaire, Ronsard... Now if you want someting slightly less obvious, you might try Supervielle : ...petit élève3
My hero is Federico García Lorca. There are some poets whom I used to read, and recite, when I was a child and that, now, they bring me memories. Among them: Ruben Darío (Nicaraguan), José Martí ...roster 313
Thanks for all the responses. I appreciate that other people love poetry as I do. Thanks also for all the suggestions of poets in other languages (especially in Italian and Russian because I have not ...O.A. Ramos3
[quote] The Spanish I know is Latin American (even if I am able to use Spanish grammar) and, what I might ask might be a little weird, but would the people from Spain somehow "mock" me for the accent...Guest3
Regocijaos translation
Hi Jami, I'm so "glad" to see you again, with this beautiful song and your great translation! *yahoo*
Hello Everyone. This is Gildas from Benin. I have joined you here as my dream is to become a translator. Music is one of the best thing I like to listen to. I decide to start translating lyrics into o...Gildas3
The Slumber Trail translation
Anytime! :)
Bye translation
Why didn't you write this comment at singer's official site? Why did you decide to write such things under translation?
Bye translation
I think Green_Sattva is right here. If you dislike her and her songs, you may write it on her facebook page, her instagram account and etc. there's less chance for her to notice it, let alone noticin...
Sounds completely gibberish. Sometimes I catch some Italian words, but it's more likely to be there by chance than by intention. Lyrics are definitely not Italian :)aggro3
The Slumber Trail translation
Thanks for sharing your hard work with us. Very powerful and beautiful translation. Another one of those to be read again and again.
Gloria, it's amazing to know you're interested in my language :) I unfortunately can't help you with online sources since I don't know any. I added a couple to our Resources page but it's only abou...Alma Barroca3
Being bilingual (German/English), I have my own anecdotal proof of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis: I am usually very concise and focused in English whereas in German I tend to be prolix (I infamously str...magicmulder3
Sorry to hear this happened to you... What I could suggest is that if you know who they are, you could write a PM to lt and they'll be banned - we definitely do not encourage stealing translations.CherryCrush3
The line about rooks is indeed a reference to chess, I'd say. :) He mentions another piece, the king, in the next line.Eiszeit3
Спасибо, Николай, за Вашу оценку!μαρι3
I personally use Opera because I've found it to be the fastest browser, and it has the added bonus of having a built-in Adblock feature.crimsonDyname3
Fais-moi l´amour un peu trop vite Саша, здесь нет "словно" Это видимо опечатка Я бы эту фразу перевела как Торопись любить ме...sandring2
Очень приятно это слышать. Я люблю Linkin Park, у меня есть еще один перевод их песни :)sandring2
Я тоже очень люблю их песни. Восхищаюсь их творчеством. Каждая песня -отдельное искусство. P.S. : Совсем забыла...Vesna7Ника2
To Hug Life translation
Dear Noura! I'm gonna get spoiled . Thank you so much.
I've categorized it as "Other".Sciera2
May I ask whether it's Moksha or Erzya? We already have translation entry each. Or maybe we could give the three texts a general category.Sciera2
Posso solo ringraziare, perché non conosco il polacco, ma l'italiano è perfetto. Cinque stelle virtuali!annabellanna2
Grazie, Anna. Sei davvero carina :)Azalia2
Thanks. According to his Facebook page, it's actually spelled as Logos Apeilh, so I added this name instead of Apeili. I have corrected this entry now since artist names must be written in Latin lette...Alma Barroca2
Это не я перевёл, а мой друг из Албании Джонатан Хайдари. С уважением Николай.Nikolai Yalchin2
Hello forum
Welcome Cthulhurlyeh to Lyricstranslate! We are always happy to receive new members. If you haven't done so already, please read the
Dear Josh, thank you for writing in German, it's anyway courageous tu dare something like this in a foreign language. But I like better your English translation ("poetic version" #1). Your lyrics are...Lobolyrix2
Scaramucci is gonna do the Fandango now for Trump! Bismillah!!! :D see: [quote=magicmulder]Scaramouche...Hansi K_Lauer2
فضح أمرك translation
Please translate the title, thank you.
At my sides translation
IMHO, it should be "galore" instead of "gallore" 'cause it is English. ;) And I wonder if there is any difference between "Je lâche pas, je lâche rien" and "Je lâche pas, je lâche pas". According...
At my sides translation
Well "je ne lâche rien" has been so overused it is hardly stronger than the other variant now, but originally it was meant to be :)
petit élève2
At my sides translation
I actually translated both identically to reflect the fact that this trendy expression has lost much of its initial potency. It's more like saying the same thing twice with a slight formal difference,...
petit élève2
Hello forum
Welcome, ye Ancient One. Ever Their praises, and abundance to the Black Goat of the Woods ;)
petit élève2
Друже благодарю!!! Жду с радостью твои переводы.A.S.M2
Particularly, people would hold up lighters in the crowd during a concert. It's usually dark-ish at concerts if they're inside and the combined light is like a way of showing support/enthusiasm/whatev...Cthulhurlyeh2
Goldfinger translation
Ok, in der Bedeutung mag der 'Touch' hierzuande weniger gebräuchlich sein *yes3* (obwohl - wer sagt schon 'Berührungsbildchirm' statt 'Touchscreen'? *pleasantry* ), aber ich zitiere hierzu meinen Ko...