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My current profile picture is me (plus part of a Columbian language professor's arm) somewhere near the public library in Puerto del Carmen, but it will probably change now and again, as sticking to o...michealt4
As soon as these machines will reach even a barely adequate level (i.e. enough for a business conversation), these cheap tools will most likely replace costly human translators. Just as search engi...petit élève4
Crazy series of events. Met a Greek friend online. Started college and ended up doing my thesis on Greek mythology. Traveled to Greece after to see the places I was researching for so long. Immediatel...bap198914
Well, my passion for learning languages was almost killed by the cruel world around me as a child. Besides English, I was forced to study Swedish in school (sorry @swedens0ur ), and even though I d...Väärentäjä4
I had just looked for some translation in the Internet and got here. Then I understood that I can be useful here, and translated my first song from Ukrainian. Still I am here. :)Alexander Laskavtsev4
I had already started trying to translate songs on my own from English to better understand them. But I didn't know others who were as interested in lyrics, and also wanted to have more feedback to kn...Sciera4
I was searching for lyrics of a song by a child singer from Bulgaria and this site was the only one where I found it even if a little incorrect. As login by my Google account was possible I suggested ...Ivan U7n4
I used to have a website for Rihanna and I did quite a lot of translations back then (that was 2007-2010 probably); then I moved to а Bulgarian video site where I was making subtitles to the songs I ...CherryCrush4
I'd been translating Scottish Gaelic poetry and songs to English for an an old-style Listserver mailing list for people interested in Gaelic languages since 1989 as part of my contribution to keeping ...michealt4
Well, I started learning Enlish when I was 16 years old, and I always did it thought songs, I loved to print out the lyrics and the translation, so I could memorize both. Now, a few months ago I disc...Carlooz Càzares4
Guíame A Casa translation
Hi Lobo! Nice translation, as usual but the title should be "Guíame a casa". And for "Guíame atrás" I would say "guíame de vuelta"/ "donde pertenezco". Regards
roster 313
Hi, Ellen! Tengo casi todas las palabras: 1. ¿ parlar? 2. corrales 3. caporales 4. cigarras allá... 5. retinto 6. hagp las suertes más charras en los coladeros 7. tiene la .... ? c...roster 313
The problem with this sort of thing is that it's based on statistics, and last time I looked there was no way it was going to let syntax get in its way, which meant that it was going to be very wrong ...michealt3
We, as a species, don't seem to have learned that all red buttons are not worth pushing. I don't follow this amusing young guy's conclusions about super-AIs, but I sure think AI is really not the best...petit élève3
At around age 15 I fell in love with Norwegian much in the way that @swedens0ur describes. I just thought to myself one day, "I wonder what it sounds like." It just came into my head. Then I did I...rainymoon3
The first foreign language I learned is English; because it was a compulsory object in my elementary school, and my mother encouraged me to be fluent in it :p A decade later, I saw news about some ...seiginomikata3
I really liked this new interface and the new features :)Alma Barroca3
Oh, mine are quite a few :D I was 6 when I started studying English, so nothing much to say about that one, wasn't really a conscious choice of mine. I didn't really choose Italian either, I was i...CherryCrush3
Teşekkür ederim 0)gizli kalsın3
As a hobby, I have been translating songs and short stories for years, but nobody I knew really seemed to care. I was dreaming of some natives giving me advices and suggestions. I used wordreference ...petit élève3
[quote=swedens0ur]@ Alexander - do you remember what song it was?[/quote] Tanets' Pingvina by Ivan Dorn (originally by Skryabin) You can see that in my translation list ;) Edit: And no, I don't reme...Alexander Laskavtsev3
[quote=Alexander Laskavtsev]I had just looked for some translation in the Internet and got here. Then I understood that I can be useful here, and translated my first song from Ukrainian. Still I am he...Alma Barroca3
I must have mentioned it before, but I used to translate songs on my Lj account many years ago, then I decided to put them somewhere else besides there and found this site by accident. I don't rem...phantasmagoria3
I joined here when I was searching for an English translation for a Russian song (Kukushka) on the internet. The search results showed me an Arabic translation for this song on this site which was a H...Eagles Hunter3
Laura, por favor cambia el idioma, esto no es inglés. ¿Hindi, tal vez?roster 313
That is horrible. I know a ton of people who feel that way though and it makes me so sad. But it's a really common way of thinking here in America :(opulence3
pick the main language and write comment that you need help with the second/third. it gets answered pretty fast most of the time.SaintMark3
Guíame A Casa translation
Cambiado. ¡Muchas gracias, Rosa! :)
About 56 years ago I heard a tenor voice singing on radio - but only managed to pick up a few words (reception kept cutting out) which I thought were "Quannu nacesti tu, navcevo più, nacevo il suol" ...michealt2
"Kosor" is indeed related to the idiom "gå sin kos", "styra kosan" etc. It's a plural form of "kos" which comes from the french word "course", the direction or path of something, also "kurs" in swedi...vargkustaa2
Hello! Could you please unpublish this, and finish your translation? Incomplete translations are prohibited here.Alexander Laskavtsev2
It does mean that, and the context makes it plausible. The three previous lines Test-tubes and Tesla coils, Clockwork brain and glowing oils, Copper, brass, explosive jelly describe the techni...magicmulder2
Чудеса этимологии! Вы будете смеяться, но слово "русый" действительно произошло от слова "рыжий", а blue произошл...sandring2
Biraz Daha translation
Nikolai Yalchin2
Hi, Ellen! Hi, Rosa! Esto es lo que puedo escuchar del vídeo: [quote]Se oye muy lejos arrear y cantar al arriero quien los corrales bramando los toros y un perro ladra a los...Enjovher2
Then why is Rihanna under Barbados and not the United States? And why is rita ora under kosovo and not the United Kingdom?Zarina012
I am currently at(what I would call)a conversational level in German, I know a small amount of ASL, and began French around a month ago. I want to learn so many languages! But, I need to remind myself...Naja20182
У меня скоро звездная болезнь начнется...Alexander Laskavtsev2
[quote=roster 31]The song, I couldn't find it. But it is there now, submitted by Guest. (?)[/quote] Oh that was me, but I didn't want to 'solve' my own request and just entered as Guest with a note...phantasmagoria2
Mine came, then went even farther away. Looking forward to the chase.Besatnias2
Thank you so much :)Nikolai Yalchin2
That's Privacy Issue for many people, honest. Most of these algorithms use "service data" which is, well, anything you type on google/google aided site. The ethics behind this were questionable even...SAKAE2
Ok. I already translated the added part. Thanks.N.F.2
The possibility to add a song to more than one language did exist some years ago, but there were technical issues with it. Hopefully it can be integrated again one day.Sciera2
This video pretty much sums up all that I would like to say: Boson2
Painful situations translation
كالعادة متألق :) بعض الاقتراحات, انت عارفني بقف ع الواحدة أحيانا بس أعتقد ممكن يكونوا مفيدين :) Hurting --> فاهم ا...
That's from the Ivory coast, so the most likely is a variant of bambara, I think. I actually stumbled on a translation in French petit élève2
Аве Мария translation
Omzundan örtüler kaydı yere — думаю, про шаль лучше сказать не «скатилась» (скатиться больше подходит когда говорят о к...
Аве Мария translation
Да, Вы правильно подметили, кстати. Лучше "соскользнула"
Alexander Laskavtsev2
Malaguena Salerosa translation
It must have taken him 57 beers for his friends :D