On the back of our minds (Tout le monde y pense)

English translation

On the back of our minds

It's on the back of our minds
be we men, angels or vultures,
distances are gone,
it's within anybody's reach
Everyone hopes
even at the back of backyards
Everyone wants his return ticket
of love, of love, of love.
Ones splinter of luck
the kind that burns and overwhelms you
but heavens don't care
since there's not enough for everyone
Emergency rooms are full of people
sitting under lampshade lights
waiting for their return ticket
of love, of love, of love.
These angels dancing
on alcohol-drenched floors
in these boundless caves
their hairs sticking to their shoulders
fly off in silence
and scatter at dawn
looking for return tickets
of love, of love, of love.
These women walking forth
holding in their outstretched arms
these children throwing
stones toward soldiers:
not even a chance
stones against battle helmets
all that for return tickets
of love, of love, of love.
men, angels, vultures...
within anybody's reach...
on everybody's mind...
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Tout le monde y pense

Vespers    Sun, 01/06/2014 - 11:42

Not translated exactly word for word, but I love your translation. I don't know a better way to express "billet retour d'amour" but it is to me, rather a return ticket to love.

petit élève    Wed, 05/08/2015 - 01:50

thanks for the comment (for some reason I changed my account but I did this translation).
I think this song is difficult to translate without straying from litteral meaning. It would ruin the poetry.
As for these return tickets, my interpretation is that love is the ticket that will grant you the return trip to... humanity?