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Stone SourThe Travellers, Pt. 2English → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourRU486English → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourTiredEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourThe Travellers, Pt. 1English → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourA Rumor Of SkinEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourThe FrozenEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourRebornEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourSufferEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
CalpurniaCity BoyEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
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Sunflower BeanWall WatcherEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanThis Kind Of FeelingEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourPiecesEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourThreadbareEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourNylon 6/6English → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourMission StatementEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourMiraclesEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourImperfectEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourHome AgainEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourHesitateEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourUnfinishedEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
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Stone SourDigital (Did You Tell)English → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourDyingEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourThe Bitter EndEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
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Stone SourSaturday MorningEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourLet's Be HonestEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourHate Not GoneEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Stone SourAnnaEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sam BWho Do You Voodoo, BitchEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
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Sunflower BeanSpace Exploration DisasterEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanOh, I Just Don't KnowEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanI Was HomeEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanHuman CeremonyEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanCreation MythEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanCrisis FestEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanI Want You To Give Me Enough TimeEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanCome OnEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower Bean2013English → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanI Was A FoolEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanTwentytwoEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Sunflower BeanEasier SaidEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaHot PinkEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesGhost of LoveEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesDead soundEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesYoung And ColdEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesWar In HeavenEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesSummer MoonEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesRecharge & RevoltEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesMy Time's UpEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesLet Me On OutEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesIgniteEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesForget That You Are YoungEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesEvil SeedsEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesApparitionsEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaWelcome to the Treehouse, Pt. IIEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaWelcome to the Treehouse, Pt. IEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaSleep SongEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaRapunzelEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaChimpanzees in CanopiesEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaChocolate Sludge CakeEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaSax In The CityEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaEat Shiitake MushroomsEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Let's Eat GrandmaDeep Six TextbookEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesI Fought PiranhasEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesSt. James Infirmary BluesEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesSlicker DripsEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesLittle PeopleEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesScrewdriverEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesDoEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesWhen I Hear My NameEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesBroken BricksEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesAstroEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesCannonEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesWasting My TimeEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesSugar Never Tasted So GoodEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesSuzy LeeEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesThe Big Three Killed My BabyEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesStop Breaking DownEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The White StripesJimmy The ExploderEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Pedro CapóVivoSpanish → Englishflorquinn
The RaveonettesYou hit me (I'm down)English → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesTill the endEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesThe EnemyEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesShe owns the streetEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
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The RaveonettesObservationsEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
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The RaveonettesDowntownEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RaveonettesCurse the nightEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Pale WavesThe TideEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Imagine DragonsNext to MeEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
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Pale WavesHeavenlyEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Pale WavesTelevision RomanceEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Laura MarlingNight TerrorEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Laura MarlingCrawled Out Of The SeaEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Laura MarlingCross Your FingersEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Laura MarlingYou're Not GodEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Laura MarlingFailureEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
Laura MarlingTap At My WindowEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
ThalíaEstoy enamorada Spanish → Englishflorquinn
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The RegrettesPale SkinEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RegrettesI Don't Like YouEnglish → Spanishflorquinn
The RegrettesSeashoreEnglish → Spanishflorquinn