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I love music and languages, I've never traveled abroad, this is the way I learn languages, I think memorizing, translating, listening, singing, and transcripting is the best way to learn new languages, so I'm deep into it, I will do my best to translate the most accurate possible, Im currently learning French so you will see a lot of French translations, then I will go for Portuguese.
if you have any question or comment please message me.

Please correct any translation if I am wrong, translations should be accurate so people can use them to learn new languages

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@klou could it be ¨monde¨ istead of ¨mots¨?

Well, she is talking about "peurs" then "doute" so "les deuil" is most likely the word since those words are sad words jajaja plus the audio you listen to sounds very bad, very low quality. I could m   more

Yeah, It could be, but she already uses ¨ne pourront¨ in the previous lines... so ... but that definately sounds more like a ¨deux¨

What I Was Is What I Am
You are right, it could mean that, we would need to ask that to a Spanish person, since we do not usually use those phrases here in Mexico, may be they do in Spain.

Something On Your Mind
HAHAHA maybe I should have done the same. Thanks

Help with another transcription
I think they sing: In the world stop waking these kids up no decay's in their dark black makeup or maybe ¨No decades¨

This song has a lot of errors, please update to: Sexy, oh, You look so sexy, oh You look so sexy, oh you blow my mind Yeah yeah yeah yeah Sexy oh I think you're sexy, oh 'Cause you're so   more

What I Was Is What I Am
Well I have learnt to say ¨Jeans¨ instead of ¨pants¨ in Mexico. I never herd an English speaker calling them pants before. And if you say ¨clothes¨ I understand it as the whole clothing that he   more

Don't Call Me
Shouldn't be the artist listed as Senhit?

Multiple languages
Claro que si, estaré revisando tus traducciones. Estoy en México, aquí aún es de tarde, pero buenas noches para ti igualmente.

Multiple languages
¡Hola! Estábamos hablando de como agregar varios idiomas a una sola canción y me comentan que no es posible. Así es, no hay una regla para las traducciones. En mi caso trato de hacerlas lo mas lit   more

Mónica Naranjo
Could the picture be replaced? since Mónica Naranjo is a female artist   more

Wouldn't it be better to say something like: ¨Il me suit de jour et de nuit¨? instead of ¨Je suis nuit et jour¨ It's just that I do not get how ¨Je suis nuit et jour¨ can be similar to the orig   more

Fear Out
Yeah, it's like: I'm not taking the fear with me or I'm leaving the fear somewhere else dejar fuera = leave out, shut out, cut out, include out   more

Miedo Fuera
Yes, excellent :)

Celle Que Je Suis
No problem ;)

solo tu
Podrías agregar los acentos a todos los ¨solo tu¨ ----> Sólo tú o ¨Tú, sólo tú¨ Saludos

Miedo Fuera
There are some mistakes on lyrics please edit these words: from ¨va¨ to ¨van¨ and from ¨sino¨ to ¨si no¨ thanks

Thanks. You know what, there was a club named ¨Scape¨ where I live. I guess I associated it with that name hahahaa. Corrected

Multiple languages
Ok, there should be an option for 2 or more languages, since a lot of singers make 2 or 3 languages songs. Thanks

there is a mistake on lyrics it is not ¨Invierno¨ It is ¨Infierno¨

The Family Disease
This song does not belong to this artist !

Celle Que Je Suis
I need the fememine form, its a female singer o:

Celle Que Je Suis
Yeah and switch from what you told me to the femenine form

Celle Que Je Suis
Ok, translation corrected. Merci

Celle Que Je Suis
Yeah, It is a girl singing

Celle Que Je Suis
I was hesitating about naming it like that ¨Ce que je suis¨ but I tought ¨Ce¨ was only for masculine, or boys. Thanks

A Rainy Evening
Yeah, I had a lot of issues on that part hahaha. thanks ;)

Volviéndeme loco
Ah, bien. Ahora entiendo. Es complicado siendo que aún siendo el mismo idioma nos expresamos muy diferente, no quiero imaginar el Español de Argentina jaja. Contigo aprenderé mas de los Españoles.   more

Gigante En Mi Corazón
si, por favor. Jamás lo había escuchado

Volviéndeme loco
¿No sería mejor un título como ¨Perdiendo la cabeza/perdiendo la razón¨? dado que volverse loco siempre es asociado con ¨Driving crazy¨   more

Gigante En Mi Corazón
Gracias, y ¨Get over someone¨ significa las dos cosas según google Acerca de "vuelvo la cara, jamás he escuchado que alguien lo diga   more

Maybe (Baby)
I think this is the video link you should add instead

How did you discover LT and what made you decide to join?
Well, I started learning Enlish when I was 16 years old, and I always did it thought songs, I loved to print out the lyrics and the translation, so I could memorize both. Now, a few months ago I disc   more

Hi I found some little errors: lla ----> ya te volveras----> volverías fueran -----> fue de quien lado estas acostando---> quien se acuesta al lado tuyo (o a tu lado)

Just a few things: here ---> para poder vivir the singer talks about been able to, not about power she used a verb --->¨poder¨ (to be able to) cuando acabó la luz --------> ¨acabó¨ i   more

Your Look On Mine
Hi the lyrics for this song are kinda messed up quieran ---> quedaron arrollando ----> arrullando estar ---> está I already requested those words to be changed on the original lyrics once   more

Tu Mirada En La Mia
This song has some errors: quieran ---> quedaron arrollando ----> arrullando estar ---> está

San Miguel
Corregido solo en esta frase: no tendrán miedo a ti no solemos decirlo de esa forma, así que lo reemplacé por: no te tendrán miedo (que es la forma en lo que lo decimos) Saludos

1 2 3 come party with me (Ringtone)
Never mind, I had to add the Artist first, then go back to the song

1 2 3 come party with me (Ringtone)
I tried, but this is what I get: Artist: found no valid post with that title. I do not get it

Les gens
Thanks for transcripting those songs, I appreciate it :)

Un idioma sólo para mí
oh sorry I just realized about ¨idioma¨ its also a masculine noun

Un idioma sólo para mí
hi ¨hogar¨ is a masculine noun so you should use ¨extranjero¨ and ¨seguramente lo conoces¨ instead in here: ¨o océano¨ when the next word starts with an ¨o¨ you gotta replace it with   more

Just a few corrections here ¨Tan lejos de mí¨ instead of ¨Tan lejos de mío¨ ¨Yo no elegí estar sólo aquí¨ the verb ¨être¨ could mean ¨ser¨ or ¨estar¨ :)

I do not know what I was thinking hahaha, thanks

LT engine upgrade beta test
This is what I get: Sorry, unrecognized username or password. but I access the main webpage and it goes through (not in the upgrated version)

LT engine upgrade beta test
that is what I am saying, It does not take my username and password when I go to the new page where I can log in as usual it says data is inaccurate

that was helpfull I guess I will name her as Melina BK thanks

Thanks for the advise but I could not find any information about her, I guess I am just gonna skip the song

Toi et moi
It should be: ¨Si tu veux on y va¨ on verse 3 instead of :Quand tu veux on y va and the singer does not sing: être juste toi et moi

La jota de mon balcon
¿No sería mejor utilizar ¨grille¨ o ¨ma clôture¨ en vez de ¨fenêtre¨? Es sólo una duda. Saludos

Vita Bella
I am wondering if here is a mistake on this phrase: ¨Ti segnavo ogni sera sera ¨ the lyrics on the official video are: ¨Ti sognavo ogni sera sera¨?

Time Won't Wait
that does not sounds like ¨Fight it¨ to me hahaha but you are the master here already corrected. thanks

Time Won't Wait
i'm not sure if that is what the singer sings, if you can catch any other words, let me know so I can fix it but for me, it's like, make you fall asleep in the heights

Tú me has dado
Missing part: ¨Mais j'ai eu des grimaces¨ this can be translated as: ¨Pero obtuve solo muecas¨

Día festivo
hi I found some errors here :P In Spanish we do not say ¨una vacación¨ we say instead ¨un día festivo¨or¨un dia fereado¨ then I corrected some sentences: Cuando te mueves yo estoy   more

Danse avec moi
I guess it could be something like: Il y a une fièvre à faire face thanks

Danse avec moi
I needed that in French lol

Toujours ensemble

Danse avec moi
Can you help me with this phrase? ¨There's a fever taking on¨ I do not know what to put there hahahaha

Danse avec moi
¨poser les mains en haut¨ sounds funny now that you say it hahahaha

Mon Cœur Bat
Merci :)

Ten years
Just a few comments and a few typos: ¨Yesterday, IT was...¨ ¨Do you remember when WE...?¨ ¨cerró los míos¨ here he is talking about ¨el sueño¨ so I think it suits better: ¨and it c   more

Mi gatita
En México no les decimos ¨jeans¨ los llamamos ¨pantalón¨ o ¨pantalón de mezclilla¨ saludos

La vie sait
this song is already on file

Comment vivre sans toi
These lyrics are missing in this song: J'ai tellment froid recouvre-moi

Bad Boys (Album Version)
Second verse should be: No, don't tell me how you really love me Oh, oh, come on boy and show me No, don't tell me how you really love me Oh, oh, come on get me now

Just a few comments: I search for you en an arm ¨I search for you in a hug¨ It is ¨un abrazo¨ not ¨un brazo¨ Pero no te das cuenta de este dolor secreto sounds better: ¨But you d   more

Deux Inconnus THIS is the Ridsa that I like

Deux Inconnus
I also added it to translate it into Spanish later and improve a little in French

Deux Inconnus
well, I am a big fan of Ridsa but I do not like it when he does too much rapping hahahaha I prefer when he really sings and not just talk, and this song has too much rapping

En cavale

Deux Inconnus
thanks, I really did not like the song so I did not review it will do from now on, already corrected

LT engine upgrade beta test
I can not log in it says my password is incorrect and I already changed it twice :(

Castillos en España
ok emito los pronombres

Castillos en España
Bastante fácil para ti ajajaja yo comienzo a entender el Francés, muchas palabras no las conocía... y supongo querías corregir de ¨tu¨ a ¨tú¨ (olvidaste los acentos) Gracias, quedó lista   more

Otra como tú
Puede que sea masculino también Jajaja. Gracias, enseguida lo modifico

Mon Dieu
the worst thing is that here in Mexico there is no one to practice with it's very hard to find a French speakers as we do not have any french speakers next to us but thank you, and I hope that too

Mon Dieu
I was not sure if you wanted me to add: ¨Je viens de ce jour, mon visage est fort¨ I looked for the meaning of "I'm from that game" but all I was able to find was this: I'm game = I'm willing   more

Aquí es donde quiero vivir
Perdón, lo busqué en Inglés jaja gracias por las correcciones, son de muy buena ayuda Uno como nativo no se da el tiempo de estudiar su prop   more

Aquí es donde quiero vivir
tienes razón, solamente en la parte de Rio... escribí ¨Rio¨ sin acento porque supuse que se refería a Rio de Janeiro por lo cual creo no debe llevar tilde por cierto, no pude encontrar la isl   more

there are 2 mistakes on the lyrics: ¨Et j'escquive les ombres¨ should be ¨Et j'esquive les ombres¨ and in the chorus he says : ¨My love could be a dream¨ not ¨I love could be a dream¨

Please translate Ten cuidao
I was going to translate it but the lyrics are so wrong the correct ones are: Me avisaron a tiempo: ten cuidao, mirao que miente más que parpadea, mira que por su modo y su ralea, es de lo   more

Petit Papa Noël (Little Father Christmas)
sure, sorry If I bothered you, Im bearly learning French have a great day

Petit Papa Noël (Little Father Christmas)
for me, that is a question when will you descend from the sky? :)

Petit Papa Noël (Little Father Christmas)
Isnt ¨descendras¨ in simple futur tense ? greetings

Qué es lo que me hace feliz esta noche?
we also use two interrogation signs, (¿) at the begining of each question and (?) when finishing the question greetings

Feeling Each Other
oh I actually wrote I was not sure about that part in the comments, maybe you did not notice it. thanks. I will update it

Morer de Amor
¨lejos¨ en vez de ¨lejo ¨ ¨sombra¨ en vez de ¨ombra¨ ¨morir¨ en vez de ¨ morer¨ ¨ausentas¨ en vez de ¨absentas¨ ¨dirᨠen vez de ¨decira¨ ¨desde que lloramos juntos¨ en vez   more

Canto Del Arriero
Gracias, aún creo que sí dice violines, y no violas como había mencionado antes jaja

Extraño afortunado
You look at me - mírame can make a sound -puedo hacer un sonido (no está en la traducción) Im gonna find a groove (means to find what you are comfortable doing, your passion, what you want to do)   more

Heal Me

please update from ¨girl it's all the conversation¨ to ¨girl let's have a conversation¨ which are the correct lyrics

S'il te plaît, dis que tu me veux
Merci beaucoup pour les corrections. C'est fait

Danse avec moi
can you update from ¨To your ever you like¨ to ¨to do whatever you like¨? please

Canto Del Arriero
Creo que canta ¨En su chinampa¨ y no En Suchilapan¨ ¨violas (o violines) y guitarras la alegran con su son¨ y no ¨si oyes mi guitarra, te alegras con su son¨ (Siendo que la viola es u   more

Te extrañare
Por ejemplo en la primera parte: Encore une matinée à m'demander Comment j'vais combler tout ce vide que tu as laissé tu traducción es: Otra mañana me debo preguntar como llenar este vac   more

Ishtar alabina - Aime la vie lyrics request
(Español) Aime la vie, si tú hoy no quieres ser dueño de mi sin ti soy un alma entera Aime la vie, si tú no me quieres yo te quiero a ti así yo me paso la vida Tú no me hagas sufrir dame se   more

Te extrañare
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