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Albania // United States


Student and artist/football and politics fanatic

Artistic texts/literary translations, Technical texts translations, Translations of contracts and documents

A child of Albania -- Please press "Thank you" if one of my translations helped you! :)


Anything to do with my lovely country, Albania and anything involving my beautiful part of Europe, the Balkans. Also, politics, futbol (soccer), Eurovision, Eurobeat, and anything else included in "About Me."
Parabéns Portugal pela Eurovisão!

About me

Hello, I'm Nora! I am an Albanian American girl who loves things such as anime, manga, history, politics, culture, language, the arts, (such as music, photography, etc.) books, football/soccer, the Olympics, Eurovision, and traveling. (I'm a very big fan of Hetalia, Yugotalia, and Yuri on Ice!) And I am not a fan of political correctness and I hate war.

-I am currently a student, but have worked as an artist in my free time. My art business is currently closed for the moment, but it's going to be open sooner or later. I just need some time, since my education gets much enjoyment from pestering me. It's not that I despise school, it's just not fun, but I study and take it into a very important account for registering my role as a member of society in the future.

-Other than being an artist, I have worked for Google Translate. My main priority at the moment is my education though. It's my "job" right now, if you could call it that.

-My native language is Albanian and I am fluent in English. My native dialect in Albanian is the Gheg/northern dialect and Albanian was my first language. English was my second language. (Maybe English could be considered native, too?)

-I have studied Spanish and Italian and currently am studying German. My German is progressing well. This year, I've studied about basic day-to-day things. I have learned some basic verbs, as well as modal/helping verbs and future tense. I can actually communicate in German now. I feel proud of this achievement and will work hard to become fluent in German. Sometimes I study Russian, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin, Polish, French, Portuguese, Luxembourgish, Latin, Dutch, etc. For the most part, I understand some of these languages, except others I have a small, yet basic vocabulary of. I can speak quite basic German and Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, but I tend to understand them both if I have more context or if I know a word or few; I can just make out what it's saying that way. I really would love to learn Russian and Serbian/Croatian fluently since I want to visit St. Petersburg, Moscow, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and especially Belgrade in the future. I very much love languages.

-I will only translate things from Albanian to English and Albanian to English, as I am not quite sure about my studied languages, though I have studied Spanish and Italian for quite a long time. I have been studying German for a few months now and plan on continuing my studies in Germany's language for many years till I am fluent and able to communicate with the natives. For now, I shall not attempt translating any of my studied languages into English or Albanian and vice versa, though I will do transliteration since I am confident that I know Cyrillic well. I can read and write in the Russian variation of Cyrillic really well, but I think I'm good in the other versions, as well. (I learned all the variations of Cyrillic like Bulgarian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, etc.)

-I try to learn languages through films with subtitles, music, literary texts, soccer/football matches, news, etc., although those are not the only way I try to learn; I make notes, as well.

-I will try to eventually try transcribing things, but when I add a new song, the credits will be in my "submitter's comments", to give recognition/credit to the lyrics.

-I very much appreciate the hard work people put into translating. Please press "Thanks!" to show your gratitude. Motivation takes people and yourself a long way.
-Please notify me if I have made an error in a translation. I will fix it automatically to make it more accurate and precise.

-Also, please read my copyright notice/translations signature. I want to be credited for my work and if you do credit me, it will be much appreciated.

-I appreciate criticism very much and if I have made an in a certain translation or transliteration, please ring up on the comments on the page of my translation/transliteration and offer advice on how I can make the translation accurate.

-I rarely ever log out since I tend to be on here often (if I'm not busy with school/studying), so if it says I'm online, I'm online or I just didn't log out. Also, I am busy Monday through Friday (not so much Friday, but it's a school day anyways) and will be able to work on things either when I have time on the weekdays or weekend. You'll most likely have a request that you've given to me completed in the weekend since I want to stay with top grades and the only way I'll be able to do that is through studying during the weekdays.

Thank you for reading and happy translating! Regular smile

German, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Transliteration
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Verka SerduchkaMbretëresha e Eurovizionit English → Albanian1English → Albanian
MAIKA (Vocaloid)Music Score of Starry Space Japanese → English-Japanese → English
MAIKA (Vocaloid)Hoshizora no Gosenfu Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
SeeUEunhasonyeo Korean → Transliteration-Korean → Transliteration
Nekomura Iroha\Nekomimi, Suki desu ka!/ Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
SF-A2 mikiCOSMIC LUCKY Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
GalacoI'm Happy Girl Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Yuzuki YukariCat-Nyat Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
MAYUCaramel Sugar Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
MEIKO (Vocaloid)Amazing Dolce Japanese → English-Japanese → English
MEIKO (Vocaloid)Amazing Dolce Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Kagamine Rin*tear* Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Fresh PreCure! (OST)H@ppy Together!!! Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream (OST)Let My Heart SQUEEZE SQUEEZE SQUEEZE 1000%♥ Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream (OST)1000% KYUN KYUN KYUN Sasete yo♥ Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Initial D (OST)DOGFIGHT Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Initial D (OST)DOGFIGHT Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Initial D (OST)BREAK IN2 THE NITE Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Initial D (OST)BREAK IN2 THE NITE Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Roy Kimigijuuibo (Egoist) Korean → Transliteration-Korean → Transliteration
Roy Kimmundeuk (Suddenly) Korean → Transliteration-Korean → Transliteration
Katya BleyriLetay Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Nataliya VlasovaMirazh Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
BukataraParalizovany chuvstvami Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Durim MalajWrongly Albanian → English-
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Albanian → English
thanked 1 time
Sinan HoxhaJealousy Albanian → English-
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Albanian → English
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Leonora PoloskaMy Angel Albanian → English-Albanian → English
Adelina ThaqiYou're only you Albanian → English-Albanian → English
Igor ShiyanovBrat Russian → Transliteration-
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Russian → Transliteration
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PelageyaRozhdestvenskaya Russian → Transliteration-
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Russian → Transliteration
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Arthur Pirozhkov#KAKCHELENTANO Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Valeria LukyanovaEverything Repeats Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Valeria LukyanovaMemories of Hope Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Valeria LukyanovaThe I Internal Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Valeria LukyanovaOut of Body Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Valeria LukyanovaVenus Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Fyodor TyutchevZima nedarom zlitsya Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
HetaliaDraw a Circle, That's the Earth Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HetaliaMaru Kaite Chikyuu Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HetaliaFlag-waving Parade Japan Version Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HetaliaHatafutte Parade Nihon Hen Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Valeria LukyanovaI'll Be Happy Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
HetaliaHatafutte Parade Britain Version Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HetaliaHatafutte Parade Igirisu Hen Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HetaliaFlag-waving Parade France Verison Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HetaliaHatafutte Parade Furansu Hen Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HetaliaFlag-waving Parade Germany Version Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HetaliaHatafutte Parade Doitsu Hen Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HetaliaFlag-waving Parade America Version Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HetaliaHatafutte Parade Amerika Hen Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HetaliaFlag-waving Parade Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HetaliaHatafutte Parade Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HetaliaEinsamkeit Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HetaliaEinsamkeit Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Elvin Aliev EllaiKazhduyu noch' Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Bea MillerS'mund të marr frymë English → Albanian-English → Albanian
Alexandra StanLimonadë English → Albanian-
thanked 1 time
English → Albanian
thanked 1 time
Red Army ChoirProshchay, Germaniya Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Futari wa Pretty Cure (OST)Get You! Love Love?! Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Futari wa Pretty Cure (OST)Get You! Love Love?! Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Futari wa Pretty Cure (OST)ABSOLUTELY! The Two of Us are Precure Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Futari wa Pretty Cure (OST)DAZEN! Futari wa Precure! Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Kristina SiTebe Ne Budet Bol'no Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Egor KreedBeregu Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)More Smiles, More Happiness Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)More Smiles, More Happiness Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)OPEN THE WORLD Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)OPEN THE WORLD Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Taiyou no Symphony Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)FULL MOON ~Tsuki ga Michiru Made~ Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Flo-wer-bud ~Future Flower~ Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Tsu-bo-mi ~Future Flower~ Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Tomorrow Song Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Tomorrow Song ~Ashita no Uta~ Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Special*Colorful Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Supesharu * Karafuru Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Power of Shine Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Power of Shine Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)MOON ~Moonlight~ ATTACK Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)MOON ~Gekkou~ ATTACK Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)HEART GOES ON Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Heartcatch Paradise! Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Haatokyatchi Paradaisu! Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Alright! Heartcatch PreCure! Japanese → English-Japanese → English
HeartCatch PreCure! (OST)Alright! Haatokyatchi Purikyua! Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
DokiDoki! PreCure (OST)-SONGBIRD- Japanese → English-Japanese → English
DokiDoki! PreCure (OST)-SONGBIRD- Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
DokiDoki! PreCure (OST)Happy Go Lucky! Dokidoki Precure Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Shugo Chara (OST)Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Shugo Chara (OST)Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Shugo Chara (OST)Renai♥Raidaa Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Shugo Chara (OST)Your True Self Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Shugo Chara (OST)Honto no Jibun Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Shugo Chara (OST)Minna Daisuki Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Shugo Chara (OST)The Heart's Egg Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Shugo Chara (OST)Kokoro no Tamago Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Anna RybakDay mne kryl'ya Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Grigory LepsShelest Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
VIA VerasyLyubvi proshchal'nyy bal Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Yevgeny KibkaloGde-to Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration