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Acting, listening to songs I like, translating, writing, singing... Learn (and practice) new languages... Nurturing my passion of buying CD's and that kind of stuff (I've got a collection of 150+ original CD's - I prefer the physical formats other than the digital ones). -And to be honest most of the translations I submit are of songs that are in the CD's I have-. Italian and Brazilian music - as you may see, I'm a huge fan of Italian (my favorites are Laura Pausini, Nek, L'Aura, Arisa, Tiziano Ferro and Eros Ramazotti) [I have also grown interested in the Sanremo Music Festival, so I'm translating almost all albums of the artists that perform there] and Brazilian (my favorites are Marisa Monte, Nando Reis, Ana Carolina, Zélia Duncan and Vanessa da Mata) music. I've also grown interested in Brazilian Modern Art (specially the ones made from 1922 on).
About me

English teacher based in Rio de Janeiro.

Currently I'm only fluent in English (besides my native Portuguese). I know a little bit of Spanish (I had to study a year of it when I in school, but I forgot most of it). I have limited knowledge of German, Italian, Dutch and French due to me listening to songs in these languages and then searching for what their lyrics meant.

Please read the copyright note I have written and that can be found under any of my translations around. In case you want to reprint my translations elsewhere please contact me first. In case you want to use any translation of mine as a model for yours (you want to make a translation from my translation), please do that as well.

Best wishes.

French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish
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NeffaO Sarraceno  Neapolitan → Portuguese-Neapolitan → Portuguese
Robbie WilliamsA Canção de David  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Laura Bell BundyVocê Já Está Sentindo Minha Falta?  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Laura Bell BundyUm Outro Pedaço Meu  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Carly SimonEstarei Por Perto  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Carly SimonPelo Bem dos Velhos Tempos  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Jason MrazAmor Por Um Filho  English → Portuguese-
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English → Portuguese
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Jason MrazO Gerador de Vontades  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
LeleAgora, NuncaItalian → Portuguese-
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Italian → Portuguese
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RettoreDiva  Italian → English-Italian → English
RettoreDiva  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
NoemiMe Faça Respirar dos Seus Olhos  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
ArisaUma Mulher Como Eu  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
NeffaLâmpadas  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
NeffaLight Bulbs  Italian → English-Italian → English
NeffaAtire  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Carly SimonA Primavera Se Atrasará Um Pouco Esse Ano  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Carly SimonÉ Assim Que Eu Sempre Ouvi Que Deveria Ser  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Daniel PowterEgoísta  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
CazuzaPrejudice  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
CazuzaI Want Someone  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Cássia EllerIn Case You Want to Know  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
NoemiSempre Em Movimento  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
NoemiTodo O Ouro do Mundo  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Malika AyaneWhat Did You Put In The Coffee?  Italian → English-Italian → English
Malika AyaneO Que Você Colocou No Café?  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alejandro SanzWhat I Was Is What I Am  Spanish → English-Spanish → English
Alejandro SanzO Que Eu Fui É O Que Eu Sou  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
ABBAComo Um Anjo Passando Pelo Meu Quarto  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Daniel PowterVolte Para Casa  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
MIKAA Moody Sun  French → English-French → English
MIKAUm Sol Mal Humorado  French → Portuguese-French → Portuguese
AnnalisaI Have Nothing But This Love  Italian → English-Italian → English
AnnalisaNão Tenho Nada Além Desse Amor  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AnnalisaShivers  Italian → English-Italian → English
AnnalisaArrepios  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
NekChegará O Tempo  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
NekI Have You In My Mind  Italian → English-Italian → English
NekEu Tenho Você Na Mente  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
ElisaA Vida Segue  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
ElisaMe Diga  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Daniel PowterJimmy Se Droga  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Alessandra AmorosoThe World, in A Second  Italian → English-Italian → English
Alessandra AmorosoO Mundo Em Um Segundo  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Irene FornaciariAn AmuletItalian → English-Italian → English
Irene FornaciariUm AmuletoItalian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Isabella TavianiA Necklace of Stars  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Arnaldo AntunesIf You Swim  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Tiziano FerroAs Coisas Que Você Não Disse  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Jota QuestSweet Lips  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Jota QuestFreak Fonk Funk (Till Sunrise)  English → English-English → English
Jota QuestFreak Fonk Funk (Até o Sol Raiar)  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
DidoVocê Tem Um Tempinho?  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
DidoTe Vejo Quando Você Tiver 40  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
AnnalisaEsse Amor  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AnnalisaA Primeira Vez  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Malika AyaneMais Brilhante Que Os Raios do Sol  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Malika AyaneLua  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
ElisaEspere Por Um Minuto  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Carly SimonAs Paredes Desabam  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bee GeesVolte Para Casa, Johnny Bridie  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bee GeesLá Em Casa  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bee GeesFilhos do Mundo  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bee GeesEu Posso Trazer Amor  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Tiago IorcBossa  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Nando ReisMinha Promessa de AmorEnglish → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
MadhÁrvore  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
MadhEla  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
NeffaA Small Memory of Maria  Italian → English2Italian → English
NeffaUma Pequena Lembrança de Maria  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
PoviaIt's True  Italian → English-Italian → English
PoviaÉ Verdade  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alessandro CasilloVocê Está Aqui  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alessandro CasilloYou're Here  Italian → English-Italian → English
RafTire As Mãos do Coração  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Robbie WilliamsMoça Bonita  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
RonTe Segurar (A Coragem de Pedir Ajuda)  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
RonCatch You (The Courage of Asking For Help)  English → English-English → English
RonO Homem Das Estrelas  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
RonThe Man From The Stars  Italian → English-Italian → English
Enrico NigiottiAnos Obscuros  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Francesca MichielinIncrível  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
ElisaChuva Sobre Minha Cabeça  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Roberta CamposBeing Happy  Portuguese → English-
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Portuguese → English
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Paola & ChiaraThis Way You'll Never Know  Italian → English-Italian → English
Paola & ChiaraAssim Você Nunca Saberá  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AliceUm Mundo À Parte  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AliceA World Apart  Italian → English-Italian → English
AliceTo The Gardens of The World  Italian → English-Italian → English
AliceAos Jardins do Mundo  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaAs If I Were There  Italian → English-Italian → English
MinaComo Se Eu Estivesse Aí  Italian → Portuguese-
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Italian → Portuguese
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Simone FrulioYour Second House  Italian → English-Italian → English
Simone FrulioA Sua Segunda Casa  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Josh GrobanSe Eu Te Amasse  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Simply RedO Amor Me Deu Mais  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Simply RedSeus Olhos  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Simply RedEu Te Agradeço  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Carly SimonDe Corpo e Alma  English → Portuguese-
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English → Portuguese
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MadhRio  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese