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Post-graduate student

With not so much time available


Literature, arts, acting, listening to songs I like, translating, writing, singing...

Learn (and practice) new languages...

Nurturing my passion of buying CD's and that kind of stuff, to be honest most of the translations I submit are of songs that are in my CDs.

Italian and Brazilian music - as you may see, I'm a huge fan of Italian [I have also grown interested in the Sanremo Music Festival, so I'm translating almost all albums of the artists that perform there - and adding several new artists that are often forgotten having existed] and Brazilian music, but there are several artists from other countries and who perform in other languages that I like - and whose songs you'll see being translated by me.

About me

English teacher, currently engaged in post-graduate studies in Portuguese language and Education. For that reason, I might not be around as I have been in the past months and might log in only once or twice a week.

Currently I'm only fluent in English (besides my native Portuguese). I know a little bit of Spanish (I had to study a year of it when I in school, but I forgot most of it). I have limited knowledge of German, Italian, Dutch and French due to me listening to songs in these languages and then searching for what their lyrics meant. I also took half an year of Latin classes back in college - it was an optative course. I'm very fond of studying languages and linguistics, I have done several assignments related to these areas while studying, and I plan to keep on doing them now.

Please read the copyright note I have written and that can be found under any of my translations around. In case you want to reprint my translations elsewhere please contact me first. In case you want to use any translation of mine as a model for yours (you want to make a translation from my translation), please do that as well.

If you like one of my translations, don't hesitate and click the 'Thanks' button, leave a comment or a rating. It makes me happy to know you liked what I did.

Best wishes.

French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish
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Plutão Já Foi PlanetaTake Me Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
DanielOne Night Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Simone (Brazil)Love Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
SuricatoSo Everything Can Happen Portuguese → English-
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
The Thundermans (OST)Tema de 'The Thundermans' English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Josh GrobanImaginação Pura English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Paola & ChiaraMe Segure (Preciso de Você) Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Paola & ChiaraHold Me (I Need You) Italian → English-Italian → English
Il VoloA Imensidão Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
James TaylorMontana English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
The CarpentersSe Eu Tivesse Você English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Elisa (Italy)Alegria English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bee GeesMe Diga Por Quê English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bee GeesNunca Estive Sozinho English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Carly SimonDo Outro Lado do Mundo English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Tiziano Ferro10 Flexões! Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AnnalisaMaravilhosa Despedida Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Gizmo VarillasDê Um Pouco de Amor English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
TribalistasDiaspora Portuguese → English-
thanked 3 times
Portuguese → English
thanked 3 times
Jacob CollierEu E Você English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Rachel TuckerAjudarei Você English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
SuricatoWhat I Don't Know Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
David BisbalDói Demais Spanish → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Spanish → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Steven WilsonCanção dos Não Nascidos English → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Taylor SwiftVeja O Que Você Me Fez Fazer English → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Bee GeesEu Deito E Morro English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Carly SimonEternamente Meu Amor English → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Carly SimonO Jardim English → Portuguese-
thanked 2 times
English → Portuguese
thanked 2 times
Daniel PowterDiga Quem Você É English → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Laura Bell BundyAmando e Mentindo English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Marco MengoniSe Eu Fosse Você Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Marco MengoniE É Por Isso Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
I Ragazzi ItalianiUm Amor Verdadeiro Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
I Ragazzi ItalianiA True Love Italian → English-Italian → English
Mahmut OrhanSentir English → Portuguese-
thanked 2 times
English → Portuguese
thanked 2 times
KasabianVocê Está Apaixonada Por Um Louco English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Josh GrobanPara Casa, Para Ficar English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Josh GrobanO Que Eu Fiz Pelo Amor English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Sister CristinaAlgum Lugar Que Só Nós Conhecemos English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Simone (Brazil)Host Portuguese → English-
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
SuricatoA Bit Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Rachel TuckerUma Única Noite English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Luiz LinsThe Year's Saddest Song Portuguese → English-
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
PaoloSaturday Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
JoannaWhat You Don't Know Portuguese → English4
1 vote, thanked 2 times
Portuguese → English
1 vote, thanked 2 times
Barbra StreisandNão Gosto de Despedidas English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Plutão Já Foi PlanetaOur Coming and Going Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Sister CristinaAbençoado Seja O Teu Nome English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Jorge VercilloTake Me Seriously Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Alberto BeltramiNão Se Drogue Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alberto BeltramiDon't Do Drugs Italian → English-Italian → English
Donatella MilaniEu Quero Te Dizer Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Donatella MilaniI Want to Tell You Italian → English-Italian → English
Melody GardotNão Fale English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bianca AtzeiNum Dia Ensolarado Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Bianca AtzeiOn A Sunny Day Italian → English-
thanked 1 time
Italian → English
thanked 1 time
Cássia EllerI Did What I Could Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
QueenSob Pressão English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Zeca BaleiroIt Has To Happen Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Kid AbelhaMe Against the Night Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Eros RamazzottiFloco de Neve Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
GiorgiaComo Eu Saberia Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Fiorella MannoiaLutadora Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Fiorella MannoiaFighter Italian → English-
thanked 2 times
Italian → English
thanked 2 times
Nando ReisYou Asked, So I'm Leaving Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Christian Lo ZitoSiga O Seu Coração Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Christian Lo ZitoFollow Your Heart Italian → English-Italian → English
AnnalisaNunca Mude Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Carly SimonDe Tempos Em Tempos English → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Bee GeesÚltima Canção English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
PaoloSomeone Like Me Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Steven WilsonNo Mesmo Manicômio de Antes English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Jacob CollierNo Meu Quarto English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Gigi D'AlessioSe Eu Não Tivesse Você Neapolitan → Portuguese-Neapolitan → Portuguese
East 17Você Ainda English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Rita ForteNão é Culpa de Ninguém Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Rita ForteIt's Not Anyone's Fault Italian → English-Italian → English
Nelly FurtadoMais Italian → Portuguese3
thanked 2 times
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 2 times
Josh GrobanTe Amam (Nunca Desista) English → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Tiago IorcO Que Me Desanima English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Alberto FortisA Cadeira Lilás Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Céline DionA Felicidade No Rosto French → Portuguese-French → Portuguese
James BluntAcabado English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Gianna NanniniRock 2 Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Simone (Brazil)The Fears Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Tiziano FerroNunca Tivesse Nascido Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Kristang FolkPoem of Malacca Other → English-Other → English
Kristang FolkPoema de Málaca Other → Portuguese-Other → Portuguese
Michael BubléVento do Verão English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Michael BubléAinda Não Te Conheci English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Deborah IuratoOs Primeiros Sessenta Segundos Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Deborah IuratoThe First Sixty Seconds Italian → English-Italian → English
AmaraUm Outro Sol Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AmaraAnother Sun Italian → English-Italian → English
The CarpentersDias Chuvosos e Segundas English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
FedericaAs Pessoas Falam Comigo English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
RikiPerco As Palavras Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Jorge VercilloAs Blavatsky Would Say Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Daniel PowterRainha da Beleza English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Samuel (Italia)A Estátua da Minha Liberdade Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese