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Theatre, listening to songs I like, translating, writing, singing... Learn (and practice) new languages... Nurturing my passion of buying CD's and that kind of stuff (I've got a collection of 150+ original CD's - I prefer the physical formats other than the digital ones). -And to be honest most of the translations I submit are of songs that are in the CD's I have-. I've also grown interested in Brazilian Modern Art (specially the ones made from 1922 on).
About me

Wanna-be English teacher from Rio de Janeiro.

Currently I'm only fluent in English (besides my native Portuguese). I know a little bit of Spanish (I had to study a year of it when I in school, but I forgot most of it). I have limited knowledge of German, Italian, Dutch and French due to me listening to songs in these languages and then searching for what their lyrics meant.

Please read the copyright note I have written and that can be found under any of my translations around. In case you want to reprint my translations elsewhere please contact me first. In case you want to use any translation of mine as a model for yours (you want to make a translation from my translation), please do that as well.

Best wishes.

French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish
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GiorgiaA Sun Inside Your Heart  Italian → English-Italian → English
GiorgiaUm Sol Dentro do Coração  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Malika AyaneAzul  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
GiorgiaFree Spirit  Italian → English-Italian → English
GiorgiaEspírito Livre  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Valerio ScanuSe Alimente de Mim  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Simone FrulioThe Light of Your Smile  Italian → English-
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Italian → English
thanked 1 time
Simone FrulioA Luz do Seu Sorriso  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Cássia EllerI Dreamed I Was Traveling With You  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Cássia EllerThat Tall Boy  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Nando ReisInimitable  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Kerry EllisHino  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Kerry EllisNa Rua Onde Você Mora  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
The Prince of Egypt (OST)Miracles Are Real  Portuguese → English-
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Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
Irene FornaciariIt's Only A Moment  Italian → English-
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Italian → English
thanked 2 times
Irene FornaciariÉ Só Um Momento  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Giusy FerreriParedes em Silêncio  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Laura PausiniStar From The SkyItalian → English-Italian → English
Laura PausiniEstrela do CéuItalian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alejandro SanzMe Presenteie A Cadeira Onde Eu Te Esperei  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Robin GibbDias de Vinho e de Rosas  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
PoviaIt Was Beautiful  Italian → English-Italian → English
PoviaFoi Belíssimo  Italian → Portuguese-
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Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Andrea BocelliRapsódiaItalian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Dear JackA História Infinita  Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Laura Bell BundyCabelo Longo e Loiro  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Laura Bell BundyPorcelana e Vinho  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bee GeesDoce Canção do Verão  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
ElisaLuzes da Cidade  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Josh GrobanVincent (Noite Estrelada)  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Carly SimonPerdoe  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bee GeesDecidi Me Alistar Na Aeronáutica  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Bee GeesTorres Killburn  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Laura PausiniIt Will SnowSpanish → English-Spanish → English
Laura PausiniVai NevarSpanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Carly SimonDoze Portões Para A Cidade  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Laura Bell BundyXingo A Cama  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Tiago IorcMinha Garota  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Tiago IorcNão Seja Hora  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Tiago IorcMe Deu Um Nome  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
UNAHere And Now  Italian → English2Italian → English
UNAAqui E Agora  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
CazuzaNebuchadnezzar  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
CazuzaWhen I'm Singing  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
GiorgiaEu Posso Conseguir  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
GiorgiaI Can Make It  Italian → English-Italian → English
GiorgiaQueen of the NightItalian → English-Italian → English
GiorgiaRainha da NoiteItalian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Vittorio de SicaFale Comigo Sobre Amor, Maria!  Italian → Portuguese-
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Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Bee GeesOdessa (Cidade No Mar Negro)  English → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Bee GeesVocê Nunca Verá Meu Rosto de Novo  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Zélia DuncanDream Avenue  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Zélia DuncanWhere Happiness Lives  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Idina MenzelOnde Ou Quando  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
ABBADuas Pelo Preço de Uma  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Giusy FerreriMy Commandment  Italian → English-Italian → English
Giusy FerreriO Meu Mandamento  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Josh GrobanHora do Adeus  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Kristin ChenowethAs Cordas do Meu Coração Fizeram 'Zing!'English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
NekVocê Está Aqui  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
NekA Vida É  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Carly SimonAcontece Todos Os Dias  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Irene FornaciariDays  Italian → English-Italian → English
Irene FornaciariDias  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Bee GeesAndando de Volta Para Waterloo  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
NekNoite de Fevereiro  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Isabella TavianiThe Last Angel  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Arnaldo AntunesThe Weatherman  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Arnaldo AntunesWait A Moment, Take A Look  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Nando ReisAlmost Eighteen  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
MinaUm Ano de Amor  Spanish → Portuguese-
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Spanish → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
MinaAn Year of Love  Spanish → English-Spanish → English
MinaLeve Agora  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Carly SimonO Morcego (Voar No Meu Rosto)  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
QinhoA Rua  French → Portuguese4
thanked 1 time
French → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Marisa MonteIt's Said That Love  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Nando ReisThere  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
QinhoMarlboro World  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
CazuzaMy Flower, My Baby  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
CazuzaOnly Child  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
CazuzaGod's Guinea Pigs  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Mina CelentanoComo Um Diamante Escondido Na Neve  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Mina CelentanoLike A Diamond Hidden in the Snow  Italian → English-Italian → English
Dear JackGuerra Pessoal  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Marco MengoniVamos Nos Evitar (A Solução)  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Eros RamazzottiAo Fim do Mundo  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
National AnthemsLesotho, Terra dei Nostri Padri  Sotho → Italian-Sotho → Italian
Adriano CelentanoCosa Devo Dirti?  Neapolitan → Italian-
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Neapolitan → Italian
thanked 1 time
Alessandra AmorosoPrendam As Asas Dele  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alessandra AmorosoEu Sou Uma Mulher  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Carly SimonO Que Devemos Fazer Com A Criança?  English → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Michael BubléOh Marie  English → English-English → English
Michael BubléOh, Marie  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Jason MrazSó Humanos  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Jason MrazAma Alguém  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Rod StewartPor Motivos Sentimentais  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Rod StewartÉ Maravilhoso  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Antonella Lo CocoI Have No More Tears  Italian → English-Italian → English
Antonella Lo CocoNão Tenho Mais Lágrimas  Italian → Portuguese-
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Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
CahootsRoupas de Verão  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese