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Post-graduate student

With not so much time available


Literature, arts, acting, listening to songs I like, translating, writing, singing...

Learn (and practice) new languages...

Nurturing my passion of buying CD's and that kind of stuff, to be honest most of the translations I submit are of songs that are in my CDs.

Italian and Brazilian music - as you may see, I'm a huge fan of Italian [I have also grown interested in the Sanremo Music Festival, so I'm translating almost all albums of the artists that perform there - and adding several new artists that are often forgotten having existed] and Brazilian music, but there are several artists from other countries and who perform in other languages that I like - and whose songs you'll see being translated by me.

About me

English teacher, currently engaged in post-graduate studies in Portuguese language and Education. For that reason, I might not be around as I have been in the past months and might log in only once or twice a week.

Currently I'm only fluent in English (besides my native Portuguese). I know a little bit of Spanish (I had to study a year of it when I in school, but I forgot most of it). I have limited knowledge of German, Italian, Dutch and French due to me listening to songs in these languages and then searching for what their lyrics meant. I also took half an year of Latin classes back in college - it was an optative course. I'm very fond of studying languages and linguistics, I have done several assignments related to these areas while studying, and I plan to keep on doing them now.

Please read the copyright note I have written and that can be found under any of my translations around. In case you want to reprint my translations elsewhere please contact me first. In case you want to use any translation of mine as a model for yours (you want to make a translation from my translation), please do that as well.

If you like one of my translations, don't hesitate and click the 'Thanks' button, leave a comment or a rating. It makes me happy to know you liked what I did.

Best wishes.

French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish
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NoemiPenso Em Você Mesmo Assim Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaMogol Battisti Italian → English-Italian → English
MinaMogol Battisti Italian → Portuguese2Italian → Portuguese
NoemiYou Should Be Strong Italian → English-
thanked 1 time
Italian → English
thanked 1 time
NoemiVocê Deve Ser Forte Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Giusy FerreriTe Levo Para Jantar Comigo Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
ArisaEstá Bem Sobre Mim Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
MinaYeah, Life's Like That Italian → English-Italian → English
MinaSim, A Vida É Assim Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Simone CristicchiEstudante Universitária Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Martinho da VilaPack Up Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Elisa (Italy)Palavras Amargas English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Elisa (Italy)O Casamento English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Laura PausiniCom Quê Você Sonha? Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Valeria e Piero RomitelliNunca É O Bastante Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
El sueño de MorfeoO Melhor Está Por Vir Spanish → Portuguese2Spanish → Portuguese
Britney SpearsRadar English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Nando ReisPer Chi Non Viene Portuguese → Italian3
1 vote, thanked 1 time
Portuguese → Italian
1 vote, thanked 1 time
Anna OxaA Ela Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Anna OxaMulher Com Você Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Valentina GiovagniniO Passo Silencioso da Neve Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Nando ReisLe Cose Più Belle Portuguese → Italian-Portuguese → Italian
XuxaFive Little Ducks Portuguese → English-
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
XuxaIlariê English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Valentina GiovagniniThe Slient Step of the Snow Italian → English5
1 vote, thanked 2 times
Italian → English
1 vote, thanked 2 times
Backstreet BoysEu Quero Desse Jeito English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Salua JacksonAqui Para Você English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Elisa (Italy)O Amor Como Um Tipo de Guerra English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
UNALoving Tires Italian → English-Italian → English
ZaynDourado English → Portuguese1
1 vote, thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
1 vote, thanked 1 time
UNAAmar Cansa Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Beatrice ViscontiPaulette Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Elisa (Italy)Smile Italian → English-Italian → English
Elisa (Italy)Sorrio Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Elisa (Italy)Desperdice Seu Tempo Comigo English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
SiberiaAlegria Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Francesca MichielinNessun Grado di Separazione Italian → Italian3Italian → Italian
Francesca MichielinNo Degree of Separation Italian → English-
thanked 3 times
Italian → English
thanked 3 times
Francesca MichielinNenhum Grau de Separação Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Rocco HuntAcordem Neapolitan → Portuguese-Neapolitan → Portuguese
Maria GadúRoam Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Gina BreedloveLivre Para Ser Eu English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
RumorThe Great Leap Italian → English-Italian → English
RumorO Grande Salto Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Gusttavo LimaI Changed Portuguese → English2
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
Elio e le Storie TeseSuperar o Ódio Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
SyriaI Don't Accept It Italian → English-Italian → English
SyriaNão Aceito Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AirysFears Italian → English-Italian → English
AirysMedos Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AirysTudo Que Você Tem Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AirysEach Time I Think of Us Italian → English-Italian → English
AirysCada Vez Que Penso Em Nós Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AirysVejo Em Você Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
AirysSaio Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Gugu PeixotoIl Capo Portuguese → Italian-Portuguese → Italian
Tetê EspíndolaWritten in the Stars Portuguese → English-
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
SarauI Miei Amici Portuguese → Italian-Portuguese → Italian
Toni FerreiraPorta Portuguese → Italian-Portuguese → Italian
João GuarizoWedding Portuguese → English-
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
Ke$haPesadelo English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Elisa (Italy)Hábitos Ruins English → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Meghan TrainorComo Se Eu Fosse Te Perder English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Jorge BenHot Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Laura PausiniMinha Perspectiva Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniAcabou Spanish → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Spanish → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Laura PausiniCoração Frágil Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Paolo CartaTiananmen Square Italian → English-Italian → English
Paolo CartaPraça da Paz Celestial Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Paolo CartaPerguntas Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Paolo CartaQuestions Italian → English-Italian → English
Paolo CartaUma Canção Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Paolo CartaTe Encontrarei Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Paolo CartaFique Aqui Esta Noite Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Loredana BertèAconteceu Assim Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
TotoÁfrica English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Michel TelóSe Eu Te Pego English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
PaoloTantas Coisas Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Renato ZeroDe Costas Pro Muro Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
StadioGrande Filho da Puta Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 3 times
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 3 times
Malika AyaneRecomeço Daqui Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Giovanni CaccamoMeias Verdades Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Rita PavoneCoração Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
ClementinoQuando Estou Longe Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
ArisaI'll Leave Italian → English-Italian → English
ArisaDeixarei Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Maroon 5Era Sempre Você English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Francesco GuastiYou and I Italian → English-Italian → English
Francesco GuastiEu E Você Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Gianluca GrignaniQuer Apostar Que Te Amo? Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
L'AuraA Essência English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Far From AlaskaCalafrios English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
BluvertigoSimplesmente Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Vanessa da MataTroppo Lontano Portuguese → Italian-
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → Italian
thanked 1 time
IskraQuase Amor Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Colbie CaillatGarrafa de Midnight English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Juliana de AquinoSe Você Pudesse English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Juliana de AquinoTo Come Back Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Giovanni CaccamoLonge Daqui Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
IramaO Que Restará Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese