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Literature, arts, acting, listening to songs I like, translating, writing, singing... Learn (and practice) new languages... Nurturing my passion of buying CD's and that kind of stuff, to be honest most of the translations I submit are of songs that are in my CDs. Italian and Brazilian music - as you may see, I'm a huge fan of Italian [I have also grown interested in the Sanremo Music Festival, so I'm translating almost all albums of the artists that perform there] and Brazilian music, but there are several artists from other countries and who perform in other languages that I like - and whose songs you'll see being translated by me.
About me

English teacher based in Rio de Janeiro.

Currently I'm only fluent in English (besides my native Portuguese). I know a little bit of Spanish (I had to study a year of it when I in school, but I forgot most of it). I have limited knowledge of German, Italian, Dutch and French due to me listening to songs in these languages and then searching for what their lyrics meant. I also took half an year of Latin classes back in college - it was an optative course. I'm very fond of studying languages and linguistics, I have done several assignments related to these areas while studying, and I plan to keep on doing them now.

Please read the copyright note I have written and that can be found under any of my translations around. In case you want to reprint my translations elsewhere please contact me first. In case you want to use any translation of mine as a model for yours (you want to make a translation from my translation), please do that as well.

If you like a translation, don't hesitate and click the 'Thanks' button, leave a comment or a rating. It makes me happy to know you liked what I did.

Best wishes.

French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish
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Julia MurneySofrimento & FelicidadeEnglish → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Stephanie J. BlockAlgo Bonito  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
RettoreAssunto  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Laura PausiniUm Fato Óbvio  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
DjavanThe Letter  Portuguese → English-
thanked 2 times
Portuguese → English
thanked 2 times
Laura PausiniEscute O Seu Coração  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Adriano CelentanoO Que Devo Te Dizer?  Italian (Southern Italian dialects) → Portuguese-Italian (Southern Italian dialects) → Portuguese
Mina CelentanoAlways, Always, Always  Italian → English1Italian → English
Mina CelentanoSempre, Sempre, Sempre  Italian → Portuguese1Italian → Portuguese
Alejandro SanzThe Silence of the Crows  Spanish → English-
thanked 1 time
Spanish → English
thanked 1 time
Alejandro SanzO Silêncio dos Corvos  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Alejandro SanzThe Force of the Heart  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Nancy ArnaudVocê, Meu Anjo  French → Portuguese-French → Portuguese
MinaVocê Quer Ela  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaQuando Você Me Esquecer  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
MinaJohnny Kiss  Italian → English-Italian → English
MinaJohnny Kiss  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaOs Discursos  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
MinaIn a Thousand Years  Italian → English-Italian → English
MinaEm Mil Anos  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaQuestão de Sentimento  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
ShakiraIntuitivas  Spanish → Portuguese7Spanish → Portuguese
BelliniBrazilian Samba  Portuguese → English3
1 vote, thanked 7 times
Portuguese → English
1 vote, thanked 7 times
MinaTwo Notes  Italian → English3
thanked 1 time
Italian → English
thanked 1 time
MinaEu Ainda Te Amo  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Jota QuestLights Out  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
MinaFugir  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
MinaNow It's Easy  Italian → English-Italian → English
MinaAgora é Fácil  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaA Vovó Madalena  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaJuntos  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaDuas Notas  Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Laura PausiniMinha Resposta  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Julia MurneyPerfeito  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Lucio DallaO Ano Que Virá  Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 3 times
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 3 times
Laura PausiniLembre De Mim  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MadonnaComo Uma Flor  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Laura PausiniMe Entrego A Você  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniMe Sinto Tão Bem  Spanish → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Spanish → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Julia MurneyNão Estou Esperando  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Megan HiltyEsperando  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Megan HiltyIsso Acontece O Tempo Todo  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Megan HiltyE Se Não Houver Cura?  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Mariama WhyteEu Preciso de VocêEnglish → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Mariama WhyteMinha Inocência e Minha Vergonha  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Gavin CreelQuente Ohio  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Gavin CreelPalavras Pequenas  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Gavin CreelBarulho  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Gavin CreelMais Cedo Ou Mais Tarde  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Gavin CreelWhitney Houston  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
AudioslaveCochise  English → Portuguese2
thanked 1 time
English → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Stephanie J. BlockA Parte Mais Difícil do Amor  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Gavin CreelCarona de Foguete  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Stephanie J. BlockO Coração Humano  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Jota QuestInside A Hug  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Massimiliano PaniValentina, Sem VocêItalian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Massimiliano PaniComo Se  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Massimiliano PaniComo Vai Você?  Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Martinho da VilaHail East Timor!  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Alessandro CasilloFalo EuItalian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alessandro CasilloO Que Importa  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alessandro CasilloNever  Italian → English-Italian → English
Alessandro CasilloNunca  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Mina CelentanoMensagem de Amor  Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Mina CelentanoLove Message  Italian → English-Italian → English
Alessandro CasilloTell Me Who You Are  Italian → English-Italian → English
Alessandro CasilloMe Conte Quem Você É  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Mina CelentanoDoce Fogo do Amor  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Mina CelentanoThe Sweet Fire of Love  Italian → English-Italian → English
SenitCada VezItalian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Mark EvansAté EntãoEnglish → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Marva HicksNunca Estive Apaixonada Antes  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Michael JacksonPassou Tão Rápido  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Mark EvansVivo  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
MinaLight  Italian → English-Italian → English
MinaLuz  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
SenitFicarei A Postos  German → Portuguese2German → Portuguese
Adriano CelentanoEu Tenho Você  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alejandro SanzThe Club of Truth  Spanish → English-Spanish → English
Alejandro SanzO Clube da Verdade  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Mina CelentanoArrepio Felino  Italian → Portuguese4Italian → Portuguese
SenitMeu Rosto  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
SenitMy Face  Italian → English-Italian → English
GiorgiaRezarei  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaThe Only Ballerina You'll Have  Italian → English-Italian → English
MinaA Única Bailarina Que Você Terá  Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
JovanottiLama  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Britney SpearsEu Contra a Música  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
João GuarizoThe Flaw  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Mark EvansAlcançar O Céu  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Mark EvansA Jornada Para Casa  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Mark EvansVooEnglish → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
Mark EvansUma Nova Você  English → Portuguese-English → Portuguese
NekDentro de Você  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
Alessandra AmorosoStupid  Spanish → English8
thanked 2 times
Spanish → English
thanked 2 times
Alessandra AmorosoEstúpida  Spanish → Portuguese-Spanish → Portuguese
Alessandra AmorosoWonderful Until Now  Italian → English-
thanked 25 times
Italian → English
thanked 25 times
Alessandra AmorosoMaravilhoso Até Agora  Italian → Portuguese-
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
MinaEssa Mulher Insuportável  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese
MinaNão Acredite  Italian → Portuguese-Italian → Portuguese