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Anthropology, Linguistics, arts in general, acting, reading, teaching, translating, writing, singing...

In my profile picture, you'll find a portrait of French actor Paul Mounet, as painted by Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel (1875).

About me

English teacher, currently engaged in post-graduate studies in Languages (Portuguese).

Currently I'm only fluent in English (besides my native Portuguese). I know a little bit of Spanish (I had to study a year of it when I in school, but I forgot most of it). I have limited knowledge of German, Italian, Dutch and French due to me listening to songs in these languages and then searching for what their lyrics meant. I also took half an year of Latin classes back in college. As I don't think I know these languages well, I won't be translating into them, but from them.

If you like one of my translations, don't hesitate: click the 'Thanks' button, leave a comment or a rating. It makes me happy to know you liked what I did - and that's a way of improving myself.

Best wishes.

French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish
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6068 translations posted by Alma BarrocaDetailsAll Translations

SkankNomad Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Cássia EllerMy World Would Be Complete (With You) Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Simply RedAnjo English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Simply RedPara Seus Bebês English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Simply RedEu Ainda Não Te Esqueci English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Carly SimonNinguém Faz Melhor English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniEscute Atento Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniNão Há Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
Marco CartaVocê Me Olhou Por Acaso Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Laura PausiniWhat Story Is This? Spanish → EnglishSpanish → English
Laura PausiniPrimavera Antecipada (É Minha Canção) Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Laura PausiniCinco Dias Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Kerry EllisDesafiando a Gravidade English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Kerry EllisEu Não Posso Ser Sua Amiga (Isso Não Pode Ter Acabado) English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
The BeatlesCebola de Vidro English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
The BeatlesO Jardim do Polvo English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniDuas Histórias Iguais Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniAs Garotas Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Alessandra AmorosoOi Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Frozen (OST)Liberte English → Portuguese9
1 vote, thanked 3 times
English → Portuguese
1 vote, thanked 3 times
Céline DionEla French → PortugueseFrench → Portuguese
Laura PausiniA Impressão Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
Laura PausiniMais Do Que Ontem Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
Zélia DuncanAccess Code Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Ana CarolinaLittle Black Man Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Adriana CalcanhottoThe Worm and the Star Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Adriana CalcanhottoAlice's Theme Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Adriana CalcanhottoNever Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Adriana CalcanhottoIf That's Love Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
ABBAKnowing Me, Knowing You Spanish → English2
thanked 1 time
Spanish → English
thanked 1 time
Céline DionShe French → EnglishFrench → English
Renzo RubinoAgora Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
Fiorella MannoiaI'm Coming Back to the South Italian → EnglishItalian → English
MinaSe Bronzeie Com A Lua Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
MinaÍtaca Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
Céline DionTe Chamando English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Céline DionMedley Soul English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Céline DionSerá Que Eu Saberia? English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Nada (Italy)Faz Tanto Frio Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
Idina MenzelAqui English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Nada (Italy)The Last Celebration Italian → English2Italian → English
MinaToo Much Light Italian → English2Italian → English
Fernando PessoaThe White House is a Black Ship Portuguese → English
thanked 3 times
Portuguese → English
thanked 3 times
Megan HiltyEu Te Desafio A Se Mover English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Adriana CalcanhottoI Kiss Without Portuguese → English4
thanked 2 times
Portuguese → English
thanked 2 times
Idina MenzelLindo Demais English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
FiukBeautiful, So Beautiful Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
Céline DionO Tempo Que Conta French → PortugueseFrench → Portuguese
If/Then (musical)Você Aprende A Viver Sem English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniFique Esta Noite Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
TribalistasDa Lontano Portuguese → ItalianPortuguese → Italian
Tânia MaraI Only See You Portuguese → English
thanked 26 times
Portuguese → English
thanked 26 times
CicciolinaRed Muscle Italian → English8
thanked 8 times
Italian → English
thanked 8 times
Ornella VanoniHoly Happiness Italian → EnglishItalian → English
Laura PausiniTão Azul Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Casa del VentoRachel and the Storm English → English
thanked 2 times
English → English
thanked 2 times
JadeÓpera English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Elisa (Italy)A Um Passo de Distância English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
JadeOpera English → English
thanked 1 time
English → English
thanked 1 time
Elisa (Italy)Agitar Sua Alma English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Bia BedranThe Music Box Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
TabooCrazy Spanish → English
thanked 2 times
Spanish → English
thanked 2 times
Inner CircleRosas Negras English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Zeca BaleiroA Poem (Where There Are Flowers) Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Tiziano FerroA Sua Vida Não Passará Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Italian → Portuguese
thanked 1 time
Zeca BaleiroIt Was Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Vanessa da MataThe Mourning of the Slums Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Zeca BaleiroMommy is on Facebook Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Alanis MorissetteDestino, Fique Comigo English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Alanis MorissetteLindo English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Ray CharlesEu Vou Te Ajudar English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Idina MenzelEu Vi Três Navios English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Tiziano FerroBom Demais Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
Tiziano FerroPara Trás Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
ArisaQuer Saber? Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
ArisaYou Know What? Italian → EnglishItalian → English
ArisaA Alegria De Um Momento Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
ArisaThe Happiness of a Moment Italian → EnglishItalian → English
ArisaQuantas Palavras Você Não Disse Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
ArisaHow Many Words That You Haven't Said Italian → EnglishItalian → English
Tulipa RuizHe Thinks He Is So Great Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Laura PausiniJenny Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniA Minha Resposta Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
Ana CarolinaI Scream Alone Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Ana CarolinaLike A Sunday Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
Laura PausiniMuito Importante Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniEu Não Sou Ela Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
HoobastankA Razão Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniSeu Nome Em Maiúsculas Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Michael JacksonO Céu Pode Esperar English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
HoobastankThe Reason Spanish → English5Spanish → English
Laura PausiniAntes de Ir Embora Spanish → PortugueseSpanish → Portuguese
Laura PausiniEu Quero Te Dizer Que Te Amo Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
Tony CarreiraTake Good Care of Her Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
Portuguese → English
thanked 1 time
ArisaO Ar Italian → PortugueseItalian → Portuguese
ArisaThe Air Italian → EnglishItalian → English
Avril LavigneEnlouqueça English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
MIKADoutor John English → PortugueseEnglish → Portuguese
Adriana CalcanhottoEyes So Blue Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English
Ana CarolinaCandles and Wind Portuguese → EnglishPortuguese → English