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♬ 〜 Just a Traslation and Interpretation student who wants to practice and be useful to the community.
♬ 〜 My native language is Spanish, so please be nice, my English is not perfect. I'm also studying Japanese. Though I'm still at a basic level, I'm able to translate simple songs from Japanese to English and Spanish. But don't worry, I always send my translations to native speakers so they can point out my mistakes and correct them.
♬ 〜 I love to organize anything but my room (if you are a mod or an editor, I'm truly sorry... I've probably bothered you more than once).
♬ 〜 Currently I'm also translating from Wikipedia (English to Spanish) & doing my social service at college, so maybe I won't have much time to answer messages, be patient please.
♬ 〜 I make sure that original lyrics and transliterarions (from Japanese, mostly) are correct if I don't do them myself. I only use sites I trust, and I'll always source anything I copy. Every translation from English or Japanese to Spanish (or Spanish to English) is done by myself.
❤ 〜 I'd love to be your friend, please, leave a friend request!

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Darren KorbConstruye ese muro (Tema de Zia) English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Darren KorbTodos nos convertimos English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Steam Powered GiraffeFiebre de "Hatch" English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
League of LegendsEnciéndete English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Chris GarneauLuciérnagas English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Chris GarneauSucios payasos nocturnos English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Taylor SwiftMentiría English → Spanish
thanked 1 time
English → Spanish
thanked 1 time
Limp BizkitRomper cosas English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Limp BizkitCuando llueve English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
NeruPapier mache (Haribote) Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Kanon WakeshimaMirror Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Kanon WakeshimaEspejo Japanese → Spanish
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Japanese → Spanish
thanked 1 time
Tales of Symphonia (OST)Let's go back home Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Tales of Symphonia (OST)Regresemos a casa Japanese → SpanishJapanese → Spanish
PorterSpiral Spanish → EnglishSpanish → English
Cinderella (OST)Así que esto es amor English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Super Mario Odyssey (OST)¡Salta, super estrella! English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Tales of Symphonia (OST)The whereabouts of my feelings Japanese → English1Japanese → English
Tales of Symphonia (OST)El paradero de mis sentimientos Japanese → SpanishJapanese → Spanish
The Speakeasies' Swing Band!La aldea del pantano negro English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Natalia LafourcadeCinnamon Skin Spanish → English4
thanked 2 times
Spanish → English
thanked 2 times
BuzzFeedDesearía poder ser una princesa de Disney English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Poets of the FallBesada por la luz de la luna English → Spanish
thanked 3 times
English → Spanish
thanked 3 times
Lauren Ruth WardHacer el amor a mí misma English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
League of LegendsEl celador de las cadenas English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
League of LegendsArdiendo intensamente English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
League of LegendsLas leyendas nunca mueren English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
League of LegendsLa maldición de la momia triste English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
League of LegendsSé "Jinxeado" English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
League of LegendsEl fin de la luz del día English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Jill TracyEl fino arte de envenenar English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Jill TracyUna noche malvada juntos English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
RWBY (OST)Mala Suerte English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
RWBY (OST)Esta vida es mía English → Spanish
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English → Spanish
thanked 1 time
Steam Powered GiraffeArmónicos Electrónicos Automatónicos English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Blue Öyster Cult(No temas a) La muerte English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
ILYA (United States)Besos de culpa English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Steam Powered GiraffeVe, Spine, ve English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Steam Powered GiraffeEl hombre de los tirantes English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Steam Powered GiraffeMi nena & yo (Sábado por la noche) English → Spanish
thanked 1 time
English → Spanish
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Sonic the Hedgehog (OST)No Importa (versión de Sonic Adventure 2) English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
The ProtomenEl Doctor Bueno English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
LovestarrsTu cuerpo es una máquina English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
LovestarrsEsqueleto English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Sonic the Hedgehog (OST)Escape de la ciudad English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
RWBY (OST)Es momento de decir adiós English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Enchanted (OST)Así es como sabes English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
AyreonRío del tiempo English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
AURORABajo el agua English → Spanish
thanked 1 time
English → Spanish
thanked 1 time
TýrSostén el martillo pagano en lo alto English → Spanish
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English → Spanish
thanked 1 time
The Pussycat DollsAureola English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Kate BushLos soñadores del ejército English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
RadaidBrilla English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
AURORACanción del asesinato English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Darren KorbBarcos de papel English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST)La obsesión de Jack English → Spanish
thanked 1 time
English → Spanish
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Darren KorbEstoy aquí, madre (Tema de Zulf) English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
The ProtomenLos Sabuesos English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Darren KorbElla brilla English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Darren KorbEn la llama English → Spanish
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English → Spanish
thanked 1 time
Darren KorbEspina dorsal English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Darren KorbSeñales English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish
Steam Powered GiraffeAbejita mielera English → SpanishEnglish → Spanish