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# bulk editor: language, genre, etc for single,several or all songs of an artist
# auto replace dead videolinks
# auto recognize language
# small country flags next to all languages in the "change language" menu
# add genres: chanson, parody, grunge,

requests should ALWAYS contain:
# acceptable layout and ortography
# a valid video
# if artist is missing, requester should add it himself, complete with wiki, facebook or VK link


Useful links: --- with many (!) translations --- dari lyrics --- RUS songs with translation --- GER medieval minnesingers --- FRA occitan troubadours --- turkish with ENG --- hebrew songs with ENG --- hebrew songs in hebrew --- world folk songs, GER website
www. --- 2000 GRE songs with RUS and ENG --- Filipino songs with ENG --- famous hits with CZE --- NED folk songs with ENG --- famous poetry to ENG --- gaelic (irish and scots) with ENG --- vladimir vysotsky songs translated --- 220 klezmer songs with GER --- 900 ARB songs with ENG --- random ENG pop songs with FRA -- 1000 songs in HND and ENG - GRE songs
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OugenweideMaienzeitGerman (Middle High German) → German-German (Middle High German) → German
OugenweidePferdesegen (gegen Würmer)  German (Middle High German) → German-German (Middle High German) → German
OugenweideO weh! wohin verschwanden  German (Middle High German) → German-German (Middle High German) → German
OugenweideAls sie Flachs schwingt  German (Middle High German) → German-German (Middle High German) → German
OugenweideIch bin aufgeblüht  Latin → German-Latin → German
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of Kamchatka Krai  Russian → English1Russian → English
Lyudmila GurchenkoMama  Russian → English-Russian → English
ArkonaOn my Land  Russian → English-Russian → English
The MoominsMoomin Opening Theme (french)  French → English-French → English
The MoominsMoomin Anfangs Thema  English → German-English → German
The MoominsThe Moomins  Hebrew → English-Hebrew → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of Khakassia  Other → English-Other → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsХакасия гимн  Other → Russian-Other → Russian
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of Nenetsk Autonomous Okrug  Russian → English-Russian → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsGimn Yamalo-Nenetski  Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsMy Permskiy krai !  Russian → English-
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Russian → English
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Hymns of Russian OblastsГИМН САРАТОВСКОЙ ГУБЕРНИИ  Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of Krasnodarsk  Russian → English-Russian → English
State Songs of IndiaVanchi Bhumi  Malayalam → Transliteration-
thanked 1 time
Malayalam → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
State Songs of IndiaO my endearing country  Assamese → English-Assamese → English
State Songs of IndiaO mûr apûnar dex  Assamese → Transliteration-Assamese → Transliteration
State Songs of Indiaदेवनागरी लिप्यन्तरण  Telugu → Hindi-Telugu → Hindi
State Songs of IndiaMaa Telugu Talliki  Telugu → Transliteration-
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Telugu → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
State Songs of IndiaBande utkala-janani  Hindi → Transliteration-Hindi → Transliteration
State Songs of IndiaBande Utkala Janani  Hindi → English-Hindi → English
German State AnthemsThe Saarland Tune  German → English-German → English
ZupfgeigenhanselThe Greenhorn Cousin  Yiddish → English-Yiddish → English
Dennis KauppGo join ISIS, old sport  German → English-German → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of North-Ossetia Alania  Ossetic → English-Ossetic → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of Mordovia  Udmurt → English-Udmurt → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of Mari El  Mari → English-Mari → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsГимн Республики Марий Эл  Mari → Russian-Mari → Russian
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of Komi Republic  Russian → English3Russian → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsКоми Республикаса кып  Russian → Other7Russian → Other
Hymns of Russian OblastsDrevnej Rodinoj goržuś ja!  Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of Karachay Cherkessia  Russian → English-Russian → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsKhalimg Taңһchin chastr (Хальмг Таңһчин частр)(Kalmykia)  Kalmyk → Russian1Kalmyk → Russian
Hymns of Russian OblastsDagestan, you holy fatherland  Russian → English-Russian → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsDagestan, ty otčizna svjataja  Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsНиви і гори твої чарівні, Батьківщино,  Russian → Ukrainian1Russian → Ukrainian
Hymns of Russian OblastsNivy i gory tvoi volshebny, Rodina  Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsYour fields and mountains are magical, Motherland  Russian → English-Russian → English
The MoominsMy dream, my love  Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsŞatlaqan Illi (Шатлакхан Илли)  Russian → Chechen-Russian → Chechen
Hymns of Russian OblastsShatlak's Song  Russian → English-Russian → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsBüysanna borz  Chechen → Transliteration-Chechen → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of Tatarstan  Tatar → English-
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Tatar → English
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Hymns of Russian Oblastsالنشيد تتارستان  Tatar → Arabic-Tatar → Arabic
Hymns of Russian OblastsKüpme yullar yördem  Tatar → Transliteration-Tatar → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsMy Moscow  Russian → English-Russian → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsMoya Moskva  Russian → Transliteration-Russian → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of the Chuvash Republic  Chuvash → English-
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Chuvash → English
thanked 1 time
Hymns of Russian OblastsГимн Чувашской Республики  Chuvash → Russian-Chuvash → Russian
Petros GaitanosXristos anesti  Greek → Transliteration-
thanked 1 time
Greek → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Hymns of Russian OblastsГимн Республики Бурятия  Mongolian (Buryat dialect) → Russian-Mongolian (Buryat dialect) → Russian
Hymns of Russian OblastsAnthem of the Republic of Buryatia  Mongolian (Buryat dialect) → English-Mongolian (Buryat dialect) → English
Hymns of Russian OblastsNational Anthem of the Altai Republic  Altai → Transliteration-Altai → Transliteration
Hymns of Russian OblastsI am a Tuvan  Russian → English-Russian → English
Hymns of Russian Oblasts(Мен – тыва мен)  Russian → Tuvan-Russian → Tuvan
Hymns of Russian OblastsСаха Өрөспүүбүлүкэтин өрөгөйүн ырыата  Russian → Sakha-Russian → Sakha
Hans SöllnerSometimes when I wake up  German (Austrian/Bavarian) → English-German (Austrian/Bavarian) → English
Hans SöllnerManchmal wenn ich aufwache  German (Austrian/Bavarian) → German-German (Austrian/Bavarian) → German
German State AnthemsThe Palatine Anthem  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Hamburg Anthem  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Lay of East Prussia  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsFrom Weser to the Elbe river  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThuringia, fair land  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Lay of Saxony  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Hohenzollern Lay  German → English-
thanked 1 time
German → English
thanked 1 time
German FolkLittle Vintage girl by Rhine  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Rennsteig Tune  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Hesse Tune  German → English-German → English
Zillertaler SchürzenjägerThe karwendel Tune  German → English-German → English
German FolkHamburg's Four-Master  German (Low German) → English-
thanked 1 time
German (Low German) → English
thanked 1 time
German State AnthemsMaerken Moors  German → English-German → English
German FolkNo fairer Land  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Pommerania Tune  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe hymn of BremenGerman → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Westphalia Tune  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsBerlin Air  German → English-
thanked 1 time
German → English
thanked 1 time
National AnthemsJuvenility  Italian → English-Italian → English
Regional Anthems of SpainNafarroako ereserkia  Spanish → Basque (Modern, Batua)-Spanish → Basque (Modern, Batua)
Regional Anthems of SpainHymne de la Communauté de Madrid  Spanish → French-Spanish → French
Hymns of Russian OblastsШунды сиос ӝуато палэзез,  Russian → Udmurt-Russian → Udmurt
State Songs of the USAIn the middle of the sea  Chamorro → English-Chamorro → English
State Songs of the USASatil matawal Pacifico  Chamorro → Transliteration-Chamorro → Transliteration
The MoominsMoomin Closing Theme (french)  French → English-French → English
The MoominsMoomin Closing Theme (german)  German → English-
thanked 1 time
German → English
thanked 1 time
German State AnthemsSong for Saxe-AnhaltGerman → English-German → English
German State AnthemsHail to Thee in Victor's Crown (Anthem of the German Empire))  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Franconia Tune  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe Alsatian Flag Tune  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsHymne von Elsass-Lothringen  German → Transliteration-German → Transliteration
German State AnthemsHymne de l'Alsace-Moselle  German → French-German → French
German State AnthemsDo not waver, Fatherland  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsEl Hymno de Baden  German → Spanish-German → Spanish
German State AnthemsThe Baden Tune  German → English-German → English
German State AnthemsThe song of Hesse  German → English-German → English
The MoominsMy dream, My love  Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Benny TörnroosVisit Moominvalley!  Finnish → English-Finnish → English
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