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being a pain in the ass to everyone

added a video link. aaaaaaand its gone !!


staying out of jail
staying away from the drama

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2911 translations posted by SaintMarkDetailsAll Translations

KojoOversleep Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Seija SimolaGive love a chance Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Laila KinnunenLight in the window Finnish → EnglishFinnish → English
Anki LindqvistWith the gentlemen to the pasture Swedish → English1Swedish → English
Anna VissiEprepe Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
Bora DrljacaWe sing after battle Serbian → English
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Serbian → English
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Nana MouskouriEternal Glory Greek → EnglishGreek → English
Eleonora FilinaBubliki Russian → TransliterationRussian → Transliteration
Sophie ForteMother said one should not French → English
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French → English
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Sophie ForteMy room is very nice French → English
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French → English
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Social DistortionDerekh haEnayim ha ellae (דרך העיניים האלה) English → HebrewEnglish → Hebrew
Hebrew Children SongsHappy Birthday made of Plasticin Hebrew → EnglishHebrew → English
David LodenHe will come to us Hebrew → EnglishHebrew → English
KSM IsraelI will lift my voice to the Lord Hebrew → English
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Hebrew → English
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Jill ShannonIf ye will stay in my word Hebrew → EnglishHebrew → English
Jill ShannonIm Ta'amdu Bidvari Hebrew → TransliterationHebrew → Transliteration
Russian Children SongsBirthday of Leopold the Cat Russian → EnglishRussian → English
Russian Children SongsSong of hare and wolf at the carnival Russian → English2Russian → English
Babis GolesBut it is god Greek → EnglishGreek → English
Vasilis TsitsanisI'm going to f-ck you up you sneak Greek → EnglishGreek → English
Sofia VempoIt’s the 13th of the month Greek → EnglishGreek → English
Stavros XarkhakosStu Othona Ta Chronia Greek → English1Greek → English
Stavros XarkhakosThe Children of Amynas Greek → EnglishGreek → English
Giorgos DalarasCharokopu 1942-1953 Greek → EnglishGreek → English
Dionisis SavopoulosIts not Rhythm Greek → EnglishGreek → English
Aliki VougiouklakiAanbreken Greek → DutchGreek → Dutch
Aliki VougiouklakiThe dawn Greek → English
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Greek → English
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ArchilochusOh Soul Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
BacchylidesPeace Bears Great Gifts For Mortals Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
Hymns & Music of Ancient GreeksIn Praise of Justice Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
AlcmanHigh On The Mountains Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
Alcaeus of MytileneWinter Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
Mimnermos of KolophonShort-lived Is Treasured Youth Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
HomerCalypso and Ulysses Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
Simonides of CeosDanae and Perseus Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
Hymns & Music of Ancient GreeksSpartan March Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SolonThese Things My Spirit Bids Me Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
Simonides of CeosThere Is A Saying About Virtue Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
HomerPreamble Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
Anacreon of TeosThrakisches Fohlen... Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
Anacreon of TeosEros, der Schmied Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
Anacreon of TeosDas graue Alter Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
Anacreon of TeosWasser her, Wein her, Bursch! Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
Anacreon of TeosHerr, mit Eros, dem jungen Gott Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
Anacreon of TeosWieder wirft mir den Purpurball Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
Anacreon of TeosKnabe du mit dem Mädchenblick Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
Anacreon of TeosFür Kleobulos entbrennt mein Herz Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
Anacreon of TeosDich, Hirschtöterin, fleh ich an Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
SapphoThe Moon has left the sky Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoThe sinking moon has left the sky Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoCome hither foam-born Cyprian goddess, come Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoBy the cool water the breeze murmurs Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoThe gleaming stars all about the shining moon Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoA troop of horse Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
Sappho...Cyprus... ...The herald Idaios came Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoPeer of the gods Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoA troop of horse Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoMaidens, although I am dumb Greek (classical) → TransliterationGreek (classical) → Transliteration
SapphoThis is the dust of Timas, whom unwed Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoThis dust was Timas' Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoThis is the dust of Timas Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoA lovely little girl is ours Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoI have a fair daughter Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoBut place those garlands on thy lovely hair Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoHere, fairest Rhodope, recline Greek (classical) → TransliterationGreek (classical) → Transliteration
SapphoDo thou, Dica, set garlands round thy lovely hair Greek (classical) → TransliterationGreek (classical) → Transliteration
SapphoWoman dead, lie there Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoThou liest dead, and there will be no memory left behind Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoIn the cold grave where thou shalt lie Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoBut thou shalt ever lie dead Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoPeer of gods he seemeth to me Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoBlest as the immortal gods is he Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoThy fatal shafts unerring move Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoBlest as the immortal gods is he Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoSplendour-throned Queen, immortal Aphrodite Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoHymn to Aphrodite Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoHymn to Venus Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoO Venus, daughter of the mighty Jove Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoO Venus, beauty of the skies Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoGöttin auf dem goldnen Thron, Kythere Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
SapphoGoldthronend göttliche Aphrodite Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
SapphoVerschmähte Liebe Greek (classical) → GermanGreek (classical) → German
SapphoFragment 16 of Sappho Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoFragment 1 of Sappho Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoHe seems a god, that man Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
SapphoFragment 31 Greek (classical) → EnglishGreek (classical) → English
HoraceOde 1:11 Latin → EnglishLatin → English
Nana MouskouriAthina Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
Nana MouskouriTo yelekáki, pu forís Greek → Transliteration2
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Greek → Transliteration
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Paradosiaka (Greek Traditional Songs)Is ton afró is ton afró tis thálassas (Yaló, Yaló) Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
Nana MouskouriÍtan tu Mái to prósopo Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
Nana MouskouriTo Paidí Me To Tampoúrlo Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
ChristianaYarém Yarém Greek → Transliteration
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Greek → Transliteration
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Nana MouskouriMílisé mou Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
Grigoris BithikotsisÉna to chelidóni Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
Grigoris BithikotsisÉna ómorfo amáxi me dyo áloga Greek → Transliteration
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Greek → Transliteration
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Grigoris BithikotsisÉxi chordés éxi kardiés Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
Grigoris BithikotsisDrapetsóna Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
Grigoris BithikotsisApelpístika Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration
Grigoris BithikotsisAlexandrianí Greek → TransliterationGreek → Transliteration