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The Prince of Egypt (OST)Kami No Me De Miyo  Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
The Prince of Egypt (OST)Look Through The Eyes of God  Japanese → English-
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Japanese → English
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The Jungle Book (OST)Trust Me  Croatian → English1Croatian → English
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (OST)He Lives In You  Spanish → English-
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Spanish → English
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The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (OST)Oi Ding Chut Ming Lo  Chinese → Transliteration-Chinese → Transliteration
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (OST)Smiling And Singing  Spanish → English-Spanish → English
Joseph: King of DreamsYou Know Better Than I  Swedish → English-Swedish → English
Joseph: King of DreamsYou Are My Lord  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
Indian FolkMile Sur Mera Tumhara  Other → Transliteration-Other → Transliteration
Moana (OST)To A Far Off Place  Turkish → English-
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Turkish → English
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Lata MangeshkarMother O Mother  Hindi → English-Hindi → English
Lata MangeshkarMaye Ni Maye  Hindi → Transliteration-Hindi → Transliteration
The Prince of Egypt (OST)Kol Ma Sheratsiti  Hebrew → Transliteration-
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Hebrew → Transliteration
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The Prince of Egypt (OST)All I Ever Wanted  Hebrew → English-
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Hebrew → English
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Moana (OST)Néng Zǒu Duō Yuǎn (Chóngzòu)  Chinese → Transliteration-
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Chinese → Transliteration
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Dilwale Dulhania Le JayengeMere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye  Hindi → Transliteration-Hindi → Transliteration
The Little Mermaid (OST)A Whole Other LifeIcelandic → English-
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Icelandic → English
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Moana (OST)Who You Are  Chinese → English-
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Chinese → English
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Moana (OST)Wǒ Shì Mòānà  Chinese → Transliteration-Chinese → Transliteration
Moana (OST)Nǐ Shì Shéi  Chinese → Transliteration-Chinese → Transliteration
The Little Mermaid (OST)Part Of Your World  Spanish → English-
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Spanish → English
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Alice in Wonderland (OST)What I Should Do  Spanish → English-Spanish → English
Christian Hymns & SongsLamb of God  Latin → English-Latin → English
Hercules (OST)Di El-Ha'e'a Ya NasArabic (other varieties) → Transliteration-Arabic (other varieties) → Transliteration
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST)Hellfire  Spanish → English-
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Spanish → English
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Pocahontas (OST)Colors Of The Wind  Dutch → English-Dutch → English
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (OST)Oh Upendi  Turkish → English-Turkish → English
Pocahontas (OST)Kaze no Iro  Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
The Little Mermaid (OST)Part Of Your World  Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Treasure Planet (OST)I Exist  Arabic → English-Arabic → English
The Prince of Egypt (OST)Deliver Us (Hetalia Multilanguage)  Other → Transliteration-Other → Transliteration
The Prince of Egypt (OST)Shinjiru toki (信じる時) [When You Believe]  Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
The Jungle Book (OST)Just Try It With Gemütlichkeit  German → English-German → English
The Lion King (OST)Circle of Life (Hetalia Multilanguage)  Other → Transliteration-Other → Transliteration
Alice in Wonderland (OST)In My Country Of Illusion  Spanish → English-Spanish → English
Mulan (OST)Terfa' Rasna Ben En-Nas  Arabic (other varieties) → Transliteration-Arabic (other varieties) → Transliteration
Hercules (OST)I Will Reach My Goal  Spanish → English-Spanish → English
Hercules (OST)I'm On My Way  Turkish → English-Turkish → English
Alice in Wonderland (OST)Alice  Spanish → English-
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Spanish → English
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Hercules (OST)Gō Za Disutansu (Ripuraizu)  Japanese → Transliteration-Japanese → Transliteration
Hercules (OST)Go The Distance (Reprise)  Japanese → English-Japanese → English
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (OST)With A Song and A Smile  Turkish → English-Turkish → English
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST)Hellfire  Portuguese → English-Portuguese → English
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST)Out There  Arabic (other varieties) → English1Arabic (other varieties) → English