Transcription Requests

ArtistSongLanguageAuthorPosted ago
Ad InfernaSuicide GirlFrenchLulin17 hours 21 min
Ariane BrunetLumièreFrenchjacob.hymel.919 hours 7 min
Soccer AnthemsAnthem of Differdange FC (Luxembourg)FrenchSaintMark19 hours 40 min
Soccer AnthemsAnthem of Dudelange F91 (Luxembourg)FrenchSaintMark19 hours 41 min
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of Amiens ScFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of Grenoble FootFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of AuxerreFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of Strasbourg AlsaceFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of Chamois NiortaisFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of Nimes OlympiqueFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of EvianFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of Ajaccio AcFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of MetzFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem Of LensFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Soccer Anthems FranceAnthem of Athlétic Club Arles AvignonFrenchSaintMark3 days 16 hours
Nadianna SenkiUnknownFrenchdhani.ramirez1 month 6 days
Lilian HarveyJe suis comme çaFrenchmarta901 month 1 week
Lilian HarveyJe me souviens toujoursFrenchmarta901 month 1 week
Joseph: King Of Dreams (ost)Le Marché (Marketplace)Frenchphantasmagoria1 month 3 weeks
Lily FayolFleur de cacaoFrenchValeriu Raut2 months 2 days
Forguette Mi NoteIstemboFrenchmaluca2 months 2 weeks
Adam ProjectSea-Gulls / Comme La PluieFrenchasasasw3 months 2 weeks
DickensGénocideFrenchRomaint5 months 1 week
Anna KarinaMic et MacFrenchGuest6 months 1 week
Cajun RoostersValse d'orphelinFrenchLeeOnCandler6 months 2 weeks
Black MBlack Shady 3FrenchKyle Hurley7 months 1 week
DorisAvant toiFrenchDrkellz7 months 3 weeks
Tangerine DreamSpirit SpiralFrenchengineer4god10 months 1 week
Corpse Bride (ost)Un Mariage (Canadian French) [The Wedding Song]Frenchphantasmagoria10 months 2 weeks
King Khan And The ShrinesLe fils de Jacques DutroncFrenchmaluca11 months 2 weeks
AshkaDégoût viscéraleFrenchthelostone11 months 3 weeks
Tac Poum SystèmeAsmodaïFrenchRomaint1 year 2 weeks
La TchadBavetteFrenchdraumbók1 year 3 weeks
Missz JohnsonPeligrosoFrenchdraumbók1 year 3 weeks
La TchadYo FachéFrenchdraumbók1 year 3 weeks
RettoreAvant GardeFrenchAlma Barroca1 year 1 month
Unknown Artist (french)Connaissez-vous là basFrenchelfy20161 year 2 months
Gilbert rouquetteLos esclopsFrenchelfy20161 year 3 months
Ad infernaOmniscienceFrenchLulin1 year 3 months
DorisGarçonFrenchsachy1 year 4 months
Barbara kanamSi SiFrenchCharles Dupé1 year 4 months
StrongholdLive by the RulesFrenchthelostone1 year 5 months
GringePrendre ce qui nous est duFrenchJethro Paris1 year 5 months
GringeRenégatsFrenchJethro Paris1 year 5 months
GringeSoldatsFrenchJethro Paris1 year 5 months
Anorexia nervosaBlood, latex, terrortech warFrenchBerenika1 year 9 months
HaksReste CoolFrenchAlejandromarques171 year 9 months
AshkaÇa sent la pourritureFrenchthelostone1 year 9 months
Opéra de nuitL'Appel Du FroidFrenchEvil_Deed1 year 10 months
Opéra de nuitBoris Transylvania CampFrenchEvil_Deed1 year 10 months
RuthMotsFrenchLou_Seiz1 year 11 months
MomoL'Eur de MomòFrenchAlma Barroca1 year 11 months
ArgentoManhuntFrenchthelostone2 years 3 months
Pensées nocturnesLe MarionnettisteFrenchbenevoliste3 years 11 months