Transcription requests

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ArtistSongLanguageAuthorPosted ago
Complot Bronswickà vous toutesFrenchGreen_Sattva3 hours 56 min
Muppet BabiesMuppet Babies (french version)FrenchLadyMelusine3 days 13 hours
MichalMamaFrenchKicia140219916 days 15 hours
DickensGénocideFrenchRomaint2 weeks 1 day
PierpoljakKeep on DadaFrenchСюта Соколова2 weeks 2 days
Anna KarinaMic et MacFrenchGuest6 weeks 5 days
Cajun RoostersValse d'orphelinFrenchLeeOnCandler7 weeks 5 days
DorisAvant toiFrenchDrkellz12 weeks 4 days
Red Eye Crew Feat. Singuilla & MorganAll Night Long (Version Française)Frenchdhani.ramirez14 weeks 13 hours
Arianna SavallAdoucit La MélodieFrenchadagalanos14 weeks 2 days
Tangerine DreamSpirit SpiralFrenchengineer4god23 weeks 4 days
Corpse Bride (ost)Un Mariage (Canadian French) [The Wedding Song]Frenchphantasmagoria24 weeks 1 day
King Khan And The ShrinesLe fils de Jacques DutroncFrenchmaluca29 weeks 1 day
AshkaDégoût viscéraleFrenchthelostone30 weeks 14 hours
Tac Poum SystèmeAsmodaïFrenchRomaint33 weeks 3 days
La TchadBavetteFrenchdraumbók34 weeks 3 days
Missz JohnsonPeligrosoFrenchdraumbók34 weeks 3 days
La TchadYo FachéFrenchdraumbók34 weeks 3 days
RettoreAvant GardeFrenchAlma Barroca36 weeks 6 days
UnknownConnaissez-vous là basFrenchelfy201643 weeks 1 day
Gilbert rouquetteLos esclopsFrenchelfy201645 weeks 1 hour
Ad infernaOmniscienceFrenchLulin46 weeks 6 days
DorisGarçonFrenchsachy48 weeks 5 days
Barbara kanamSi SiFrenchCharles Dupé51 weeks 5 days
StrongholdLive by the RulesFrenchthelostone1 year 4 weeks
GringePrendre ce qui nous est duFrenchJethro Paris1 year 4 weeks
GringeRenégatsFrenchJethro Paris1 year 4 weeks
GringeSoldatsFrenchJethro Paris1 year 4 weeks
SeverinaFrench ConnectionFrenchpjesnik211 year 12 weeks
Anorexia nervosaBlood, latex, terrortech warFrenchBerenika1 year 18 weeks
HaksReste CoolFrenchAlejandromarques171 year 20 weeks
AshkaÇa sent la pourritureFrenchthelostone1 year 21 weeks
Opéra de nuitL'Appel Du FroidFrenchEvil_Deed1 year 25 weeks
Opéra de nuitBoris Transylvania CampFrenchEvil_Deed1 year 25 weeks
RuthMotsFrenchLou_Seiz1 year 28 weeks
MomoL'Eur de MomòFrenchAlma Barroca1 year 28 weeks
ArgentoManhuntFrenchthelostone1 year 44 weeks
MbsIl ne Fallait PasFrenchdhani.ramirez2 years 26 weeks
Sainte ombreAmazoneFrenchKittyPunk2 years 46 weeks
Pensées nocturnesLe MarionnettisteFrenchbenevoliste3 years 27 weeks