Gaby Moreno - Tranvía (English translation)

English translation


Alone and not in that much of a hurry
you can see him
touring the city.
One stop, and suddenly
he dresses himself in curiosity.
Compliments, and a smile
The charm arises without approach
Uh huuu uhh uhhhh...
Who would risk
To stop
What is already underway?
Who would dare
To abandon only
An opportunity?
That which is picturesque is in full view, the wounds will go away already.....
Uhuu uhu uuhh
I don't have a destination...
A specific destination.....
Dreams are stringed and windwood instruments which will guide us.
It comes to our contentment
and almost a century of going through trials, narrow streets, old bridges and loads more
Uhhhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhhhh uhhh uhh....
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Clarification in footnotes:
'Lit' = 'literally'
'Or' = there is an alternate way to translate the line/phrase
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