Three Sailors (Tri Martolod)

English translation

Three Sailors

Three young sailors, tra la la…
Three young sailors went traveling

Went traveling!
Went traveling!

And the wind pushed them… la la la
The wind pushed them to Newfoundland

All the way to Newfoundland!
All the way to Newfoundland

Next to the windmill stone… la la la
Next to the windmill stone, they threw down the anchor

They threw down the anchor!
They threw down the anchor!

And in that windmill… la la la
And in that windmill was a servant girl

Where have we met before?
Where have we met before?

We met in Nantes* at the market… la la la
In Nantes at the market, we chose a ring

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Author's comments:

I don't speak Breton, so I translated the French translation of this into English. This song was a sea chanty from Brittany, an area of France where people from southern England came to live about 1500 years ago, bringing with them their language which we now call Breton. The number of native speakers has dwindled in the last few centuries though. Sad

* Nantes is a city in western France

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Breton (Brezhoneg)

Tri Martolod

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