Too Good (Troppo buono)

English translation

Too Good

Half of a lie can't build the truth
So despite it all I won't be able to love you anymore
And I fooled myself
You had the whole life in front of you and I understood (that)
Half of my thoughts are not choosen by me
Because thinking that I love you won't be enough for me
And... not even when embracing or while talking and denying it
You will remember now all the good that
Was given to you by me and me alone
You will remember now
How much of your nothing
For me has been everything
And then you have lost forever a piece of me
And you know it
That I have been too good
But now I'm tired and I can't go on
All that I have done wrong I know it well, though I
Never came to feel this way, so useless
And... In rough times
I saved your life so many times
Dont you remember?
It's true is hard to hate you
No one in this world can deny it
Least of all myself, at this moment.
It's true is hard to love me
Neither of us achieve it
I have forever, and you, you never did.
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Thanks to Letmesleep! youre helping me a lot!! thanks!

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Troppo buono