You Are My Love (tu esti iubita mea)

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You Are My Love

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You are my love with hair of the linden tree
The sun blushed, it felt put to shame
By the splendor of your eyes.
I am your love and wings grow for me
My soul is awake, you bring me to ecstasy
And I live only to look at you!
If tomorrow you would leave, I would shatter in pieces
Oh, I would have no value any more.
You are my love from moon until moon
From when the moon comes up until the first morning star
We make love like two fools!
I am your love, your spirit guardian
If you go away, I am consumed with longing
And I am dying of thirst for you.
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tu esti iubita mea

Tu esti iubita mea cu parul de tei
Soarele a rosit, s-a simtit rusinat
De splendoarea ochilor tai


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