Smile of the Mona Lisa (Uśmiech Mony Lisy)

English translation

Smile of the Mona Lisa

Darkness creeps up,
Touch the door,
Quenches his shawl
Recent brilliance
Gilding of veins
It seems to be an adjustment.
Covered black lips and eyes,
Smile is frozen on his lips,
Someone here from afar to you
On the tracks, it can shadow Leonardo.
The sky obeys you
She rose to your return
Leonardo with a singing angel.
Such stars as the silver palette
You stringed them on a string
Structure of the faded portrait
Welcomes you again Mona Lisa.
On violins, autumn wind
Accompanies canvas hovering
As a sail, a rain concert,
Ringing about the window.
Why did you leave so suddenly
Dawn is brighter than your eyes
Ladies in the night depths
Again frozen
Wrapped shots of the Mona Lisa,
Your Mona Lisa.
Heaven obeys you
Colors rose above the falcons
From your roads, Leonardo
For singing angels.
For singing streams
His first star
Will lower all
Sobs on the ground
Under your feet Mona
Lisa, Your Mona Lisa
Submitted by Dariya Maksimenko on Tue, 14/03/2017 - 07:37

Uśmiech Mony Lisy

Mrok się zakrada,
dotyk framugi,
szalem swym gasi
Ostatnim blaskiem
złocą się smugi
zachodzącego spojrzenia.
W czerń się wtuliły usta i oczy


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