You'll be There, Won't You? (Ugye Ott Leszel)

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You'll be There, Won't You?

You'll give when it is time to ask for it, won't you?
And you'll ask for it when you need it, won't you?
You'll accept when it is time to practice magic, won't you?
And then you'll draw away with catlike steps-
You'll give when it's time to drink, won't you?
And you'll hold me when it is time to fall, won't you?
You'll write me nice little poems, won't you?
All about how good everything is for you
You'll come to me when I desire you, won't you?
You'll have nothing on but the greatcoat
And then you'll leave the scent of your love at my house
I'll show up when I need you again
And I'll watch you as you sit beside me
And nevertheless, you crush me again
My photo with you will be pretty, won't it?
You'll find a frequented place for us - on your wall
And it'll be as you promised, won't it?
And if not, you'll get it, won't you?
And if they took away the remnants of my good mood
You appear there suddenly and steal it back for me
You'll cry when I leave, won't you?
Tough you can see I'm only joking
You'll bend over me when it is time to console me, won't you?
And we'll drive away with 190*
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Ugye Ott Leszel

Ugye adsz majd, mikor kérni kell
S ugye kérsz majd, mikor neked kell
Ugye vállalod, ha varázsolni kell
S aztán elhúzol majd macskaléptekkel-
Ugye adsz majd, mikor inni kell
S ugye fogsz majd, mikor esni kell
Ugye írsz majd nekem, szép kicsi verseket


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