Foge Foge Bandido - Uma historinha (English translation)


Uma historinha

Primeira memória
Na banheira a tomar banho
De imersão
Com quatro anos
Apenas elaborei
A pergunta:
Mamã, porque
É que sempre que
Vejo uma mulher nua a
Minha pila cresce?
É quase como demência
Doce demência
E agora essa gorila já não
Eu e os meus amigos
Temos fome
Vamos como à caça pela rua
Procurar sabor
Para a nossa carne
Somos os messias do pénis
Dentro dos nossos
Armários vários
Ele gosta de se vir na boca dela
Ela gosta de levar uma estalada
Ele espreita-as pela janela
Ela quer uma família
Sexo anal pela manhã
Ele gosta mesmo é da irmã
Ela vê pornografia
E mesmo assim à luz do dia
Os dois esperam uma vida sã
Fui programado
Para me vir
Vou fazê-lo a sorrir
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English translation

A little story

My first memory,
while taking a bath
in the bathtub,
I was four
When I made
a question:
"Mummy, why
whenever I see
a naked woman
my peni* gets harder?"
is almost like dementia
Sweet dementia
And now this "gorilla"¹ doesn't
sleep anymore
Me and my fellows
are hungry
We go hunting down the street
looking for some new taste
to satisfy our flesh's desire
We are the Messiahs of the Peni*
Inside of our
wardrobe there are several... (what? not mentioned)
He enjoys seeing himself kissing another girl
He likes taking a slap in the face²
He lurks them out the window
He wants a family
Ana* sex in the morning
He actually likes her sister
She sees porn magazines
And in broad daylight
Both of two expect your lifes to be healthy
I have been programmed
To see
I'll do that smiling
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Author's comments:

This song has a sexual connotation.

¹ he refers to "Gorilla" like his lost innocence, "it does not sleep anymore" means he is not innocent anymore.

² Usually when a woman is forcibly (by force) kissed, she reacts with a slap in the man's face. So, it seems like he likes taking a slap.

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Lemoncholic    Tue, 14/08/2012 - 13:45

That naughty, naughty author of this song. Let it be on his conscience. :bigsmile:

Suggestions time.
>my peni* get harder
"Gets harder."

>He enjoys seeing himself kissing other girl
I guess, here by the word "other" the lyrist means "one more", "a new one". If so, "He enjoys seeing himself kissing another girl" would be better.

dowlenon1    Tue, 14/08/2012 - 13:52

hahaha, yes Teeth smile

Thank you for the suggestions, the first one I misspelled it.