Where is she (Unde e ea)

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Where is she

Where she is, where she is, where she is, where she is
I have my own paradise.
Only with her, only with her, only with her, only with her
I share the good and the bad times x2
For her, I'd move mountains,
For her, I'd stop time, I would take a stone from the fire.
I'd do anything without any regrets,
I'm not playing, feelings are at stake.
We have no secrets, for they hurt,
But we dream of the future together,
When we lie down on the carpet,
We fly softly, fly softly, fly softly.
And I know you don't like good for nothings, that money doesn't matter,
I know that I'm not exactly the type to introduce to your mommy,
And I know that I leave too often and I don't come by enough,
But everything has a meaning once you give it one.
You understood from the start,
I didn't choose to have a past,
Of course, I'm not a saint,
I learn as I go, I'm not just saying, I'm not just saying.
Where is she? She's right there, where she belongs,
It really does not happen too often for me to get lucky,
And she knows too, that her place is in my arms only,
No matter if it gets hard or easy.
And where she is, I find my balance, whether I want it or not,
I learned to give, to let go, everything in time,
I learned to have patience, to take it easy,
I learned that I have a lot more to learn.
I took on the night lost far away,
And the worries that wouldn't let me sleep at night,
The way we fight, honestly, it's art,
How sweetly we make up, we almost want another fight.
No matter how cheesy it would sound, I won't give her up,
Because I can see that wherever she is, things make sense,
And only an idiot would not recognize it and it's like this:
I'm in love with music, and also, with my lady!
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Unde e ea

Unde e ea, unde e ea, unde e ea, unde e ea
Am paradisu' meu
Doar cu ea, doar cu ea, doar cu ea, doar cu ea...
Împart și bine, și rău x2
Pentru ea, aș muta munții din loc,


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