Coconut Crab [ 'Unga [Shiny] (Tongan Version) ]

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Coconut Crab

I was not beautiful in the beginning
'Cause I was an ugly crab
But I'm still able to find happiness
Because I'm a coconut crab.
Did she say, "Follow your heart,
Listen to that voice?"
But you should know these three words:
I'm a coconut crab
I stole from a shipwreck
Treasure -- I'm a coconut crab
Like a pearl necklace -- hold on a sec.
Girl, fish from the sea are...
Stupid-stupid, oh
And I'll be sated
As they enter in [my mouth] -- oh, yummy
I love fish, you look like fish [fish].
My, oh, my
Maui doesn't look so good
You little demigod, you
Oh, what a terrible act -- fish hook! Get out!
You're not smart as before.
You are the one I will thank
For my precious treasures
Your tattoos and my treasures
It's not the same!
I'm a coconut crab
I shine in adversity
Shake it -- I'm a coconut crab
You try to vanquish [me], but fail.
I'm too strong, strong
Come and visit [me]
But you won't defeat
A decapod [search its meaning].
You will die
And I'll take your pain and
Your heart.
Your parents abandoned you
But you love those humans
Man,1man, don't play dumb with me
Maui, it's time to kick your bum.
Don't you know I'm a coconut crab?
Don't forget it lest you die
Such is life, my friend
I'm a coconut crab
Write your final plea right now, please
You won't be victorious
You wish that you were a coconut crab!
  • 1. more like saying "dude" or "guy"
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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'Unga [Shiny] (Tongan Version)

He'ikai talavou au mei he kamata
He ko ha paka palaku au
Ka 'oku ou lava keu ma'u monū'ia
He ko ha fo'i 'unga au
Na'a ne pehe, "tokanga ki ho loto,
Fanongo ki he le'o ni"
Ka ko e fo'ilea tolu ke ke 'ilo


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