The Unguided lyrics

Betrayer Of The Code English
Betrayer Of The Code Single
Green Eyed Demon English
Nightmareland EP
Inception English
Fragile Immortality
Pathfinder English
Nightmareland EP
Serenade of Guilt English
Hell Frost
Murre     October 9th, 2011

The Unguided are a swedish Melodic Death Metal band from Falkenberg. They were founded by Richard Sjunnesson in 2010 after his departure from Sonic Syndicate. Soon he was joined by his brother Roger (Sonic Syndicate guitarist) and Roland Johansson (former vocalist in Sonic Syndicate). Up to now they have released: Nightmareland EP (Green Eyed Demon, Pathfinder) and Betrayer Of The Code Single (Betrayer Of The Code). Their debut album "Hell Frost" will be released on November 30th 2011. Henric Carlsson (Cipher System, Lavett) and John Bengtsson (Sonic Syndicate) support them on bass and drums on live shows.