Take It Or Leave It (Uzmi il ostavi)

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Take It Or Leave It

I can gullibly deny what you meant to me
(and what did I mean to you)
and that you've never made my days and nights look the same
(did I really never)
and my reality is different from what I am to you
(from what you told me)
you have no idea how things turned out for me without you...
I can say that my world doesn't turn around you
(you can say it but you know that it will start)
and that I'm tired of this love, it doesn't get me going anymore
(you can lie to everyone but not to yourself)
when you're gone, my life stops, everything stops
(my heart stops, stops, nothing works anymore)
Things are not too good lately
(and with me, it's the best)
It's time for real loves, it either happens or not
It's not even in announcement for me, come I'm waiting for you, take it or leave it
This madness doesn't scare me, it scares me that I know it's not inheritable
and I'm getting over it, it's your fault, come I'm waiting for you, take it or leave it
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Uzmi il ostavi

Ja mogu naivno da poreknem šta si mi značila
(a sta sam ti znacila)
i da mi nikad nisi dan ni noc izjednačila
(zar nisam stvarno nikada)
a moja stvarnost je drugačija od onog što sam ti ja
(od onog sto si mi rekao)
ti nemas pojma kako sam bez tebe prošao..


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