Tarzan (OST) - Ve Her Şeyimsin Sen [You'll Be in My Heart] (English translation)


Ve Her Şeyimsin Sen [You'll Be in My Heart]

Sen hiç ağlama
Düzelir her şey
Elimi tut, tut yavrum
Seni korurum ben
Güven duy sen
Yanındayım ağlama
Minik fakat güçlüsün sen
Kollarımda güvendesin korkma
Bizim sevgimiz hiç bozulmaz
Yanındayım ağlama
Ve her şeyimsin sen
Ve her şeyimsin sen
Korkma hiç sen
Her an kalbimdesin
Her şeyimsin sen
Kim ne derse desin
Yerin kalbimdir hep yavrum
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English translation

You Are My Everything [You'll Be in My Heart]

Don't cry
Everything will get better
Hold my hand, hold [it] my child
I will protect you
Feel safe
Don't cry, I'm at your side
You are small but strong
Don't be afraid, you are safe in my arms
Our love will never be ruined
Don't cry, I'm at your side
And you are my everything
And you are my everything
Never be afraid
Every moment you're in my heart
You are my everything
Let them say whatever they say
My child, your place is always in my heart
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Author's comments:

Please note that this is a translation of the Turkish version; the actual English lyrics of "You'll Be in My Heart" are different.

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