Come here (my friend) [ Vino aici (Prietene) ]

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Come here (my friend)

Come here, tell me everything you have (feel)
And why you can not stay any more
Leave aside all that's sad inside you
Come here, come next to me
Just close your eyes
An lean on my shoulder
Close your eyes
And leave all the hardship on me
My friend
Come here
You may give me your cry
I would even be happy to receive it
We will live/ feel everything together
And we will always pass the storm
Come here, you will forget the pain
Let me dry your tears
All I want is for you be okay
Come here, come next to me
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Vino aici (Prietene)

Vino aici, spune-mi tot ce ai
Și de ce nu poți să mai stai,
Lasă tot ce e trist în tine,
Vino aici, vino lângă mine.
Tu doar închide ochii
Și lasă-te pe umărul meu,


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