Idaaliur - Visions of Stars and Blood (English translation)


Visions of Stars and Blood

Allons haut dans ces terres
Battons ces bois enneigés
pour qu'enfin la justice soit faite
Marche seul, guidé par les cieux
un destin tragique en marche
persévérant la rage humaine
aux confins des ténèbres
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English translation

Visions of Stars and Blood

Let's go high up these lands1
Let's scour these snowy woods
so that justice be done at last.
Walk alone, led by heavens.
A tragic fate is unfolding,
stoking2 human rage
at the edge of darkness
  • 1. sounds a bit strange, like fake old-ish French
  • 2. lit. "persevering human rage", whatever that might mean...
Do whatever you want with my translations. I'm not rich enough to sue you anyway.
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Author's comments:

Listening to the song I can't make out a single word. Can't even say if these are the proper lyrics...

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Merci beaucoup!! :-)