Robinson Monteiro - Viver É Ter Você pra Mim (English translation)

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To Live Is To Have You For Me

Every time the sun hides the afternoon
And the moon gives the blue of the sky
You come like this, honey
Without warning me
You touch my heart
And rekindle in me
All the emotion of loving
That a great love makes us live
I simply feel at this moment
That I want you so much and I need you
And when i think about having you here
Cries my heart
Because you didn't want to come back to me
Love is just like that
It does not always brings happiness
When it hurts, it hurts for real
And we lose the illusion
But when it comes it causes so much good
It sets the dreams and passion free
Why don't you come?
Come back, my love, let me be happy
Forever with you
To live is to have you for me
Why don't you bring the sun?
And make dawn come again
And light the blue in the sky
For us to never have to say goodbye again
Every time the sun hides the afternoon
Why don't you come to me?
I can only love you
Make someone happy this way
Bring yourself to me, my love.
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Viver É Ter Você pra Mim

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