As before? [ Vse taka li? (Все така ли?) ]

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As before?

I looked around, I've destroyed a lot of things
I am content however, that I fought in the darkness
I dust myself off and start everything anew
The goal is to put things in order without postponing
I cultivate only positive thoughts
I am bitter when the criticism is made up instead of constructive
Because everyone learned well from it
To cheat brazenly stood face to face
How far can we go like this, leave of your own accord
You forget who you are and forget me too.
I knew everything but you pigeonholed me again.
They say I'm ridiculous, but according to who
At least I admit (it) instead of stooping low
I apologize it's my turn to be victorious
I continue and for now I ask questions
It doesn't bore me whether someone thinks I'm
I had fallen down to earth but by a miracle because of her
I stood firmly back on my feet because she appeared/showed herself
She starts with the letter L, sometimes I call her ''light''.
Even if there are two moons, the sun must burn brightly
When the ice is melting are we going to walk blindly
As a sign of wanting I extend my arms upwards, let's wake up
With a pure hear and let my every step bring happiness
I think that this has been made clear enough.
There are always successes and tribulations
I wonder who sent me to earth damn it
It's tragic seeing how they live in squares
From primates to pirates and pseudo wise-guys
Are we making songs or ...
We are alive and healthy good now all that's left is for us to be rich
A little bit more aware, we are our own lawyers anyway
When we know we are stubborn, I'm not an Illuminati member
But I'm learning from signs, phrases and quotes
I come from the factory which makes braves people
At a time when acquaintances lead hostile debates
I am one of the many candidates for a man
Of the new century do you get me
Or do my words sound strange
I kill every shyness with thought rifles.
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Знае ли някой какво означава "сомати"?

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Vse taka li? (Все така ли?)

Огледах се, доста неща съм съборил
спокоен заради това обаче, че във тъмното съм се борил
изтупвам се и всичко отначало на чисто започвам
задачата е да подреждам без да разсрочвам.
Отглеждам само мисъл позитивна.
Кисел съм когато критиката е измислена вместо градивна
защото всички от нея научиxа се умело
смело да мамят застанали лице в лице


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