Come back



Sigo buscando el porqué
Te fuiste de aquí
Dejando un abismo entre tú y yo
No te he podido olvidar
No sé si a ti
Te pase lo mismo
Toda mi vida cambio
Me falta tu amor
Siento que pierdo la razón
Y hoy te he vuelto a llorar
Porque sin ti no aprendo a vivir

Quiero sentirme en tus brazos
Quiero besarte los labios
Por siempre quedarme a tu lado
Sabes que tú me haces falta
La espera es cruel y lastima
Llena de amor mi vida

¿Cómo sacarme este amor
Que ahora es dolor?
Tal vez olvidarte sea mejor
Pero no puedo engañar a este corazón
Que espera por ti


Try to align

Come back

I'm still searching for the reason why
You went away from this place
Leaving behind an abyss between you and me
I haven't been able to forget you
I don't know if the same
Is happening to you
My whole life changed
I need your love
I feel like I'm going insane
And today I have cried for you again
Because without you, I can't learn to live

Come back
I want to feel myself inside your arms
I want to kiss your lips
I want to stay by your side forever
Come back
You know that I need you
The waiting is cruel and it hurts me
Come back
Fill my life with love

How can I get this love, that has now
Turned into pain, out of me?
Maybe it would be better to forget you
But I can't deceive my heart
It's waiting for you


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