walk on by

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walk on by (English) — Not paying attention to something you don't want to be involved with. Normally something bad. For example you see someone being robbed.

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walk on by — Yüzüstü bırakmak

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Translations of "walk on by"

Arabicخليك في حالك
Bulgarianгледай си работата
DutchMaak je huiswerk!
EnglishPull your head in
EnglishDo your homework
EnglishMind your own business
FrenchFais tes / Faites vos devoirs!
FrenchMêle-toi de tes oignons
FrenchMêle-toi de tes affaires
GermanMach deine / Machen Sie Ihre Hausaufgaben!
Greekκοίταξε τη δουλειά σου
GreekΝα κοιτάς τη δουλειά σου
KazakhÖz іsіñmen аynаlıs
Polishpilnuj swego nosa!
RussianНе лезь не в своё дело
RussianСледи за собой
RussianЗанимайся своими собственными делами.
SerbianGledaj svoja posla!
SerbianProđi me se
SlovakStaraj sa do svojho ||staraj sa o tvoje veci || nelez mi do kapusty || neser sa mi do vecí (last one very vulgar)
SlovakSprav/te si domáce úlohy!
SloveneZase se brigaj!
SpanishMétete en tus asuntos
SpanishHacer los deberes
Thaiอย่ายุ่งเรื่องชาวบ้าน (yaa-yung-reung-chao-baan)
TurkishKendi işine bak.

"walk on by" in lyrics

Or is that just me in my imagination?

[Verse 2]
We walk, we laugh, we spend our time walking by the ocean side
Our hands are gently intertwined, a feeling I just can't describe
And all this time we spent alone thinking we cannot belong

Shawn Mendes - Imagination

But you just keep on running up your mouth yeah

Walk,walk on over there
Cause' I'm too fly to care,oh yeah

Little Mix - Wings

So I hold on
So walk on by I've got no reason to love you
But I do, I do, I do
So walk on by I've got no reason to love you
But I do, I do, I do

Noosa - Walk On By

Cut out my eyes and leave me blind.

With the weight of the world upon me I can’t hold my head up high.
So if you see me on the street turn away or walk on by.

Cause after the beauty we’ve destroyed

Hurts - Blind

Girl look at that body [x3]
I work out

When I walk in the spot, this is what I see
Everybody stops and they staring at me
I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it

LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It

Pretty woman, dont walk on by
Pretty woman, dont make me cry
Pretty woman, dont walk away

Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman

Get up everybody and sing

Everyone can see we're together
As we walk on by
[And!] and we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie

Sister Sledge - We Are Family

Don't you forget about me

Oh, will you walk away
Will you walk on by
Come on, call my name
Will you call my name

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

Sékou :
how many more men must die pass by the public eye
on both sides of the atlantic watch the panic multiply
walk on by we divided supposed to coincide.
side line observers disturbers trying to stay alive
I realised at a young age lifes design maze like

Brothers Keepers - Adriano (Last warning)

I walked past your tower block
Saw her flicking the blinds
I said tonight would be different
And that I’d walk on by

But here I am

Tom Odell - Here I Am

You're not alone

And the road ahead is lined with broken dreams
So walk, yeah, walk on by
And I failed to give you everything you need
For the fear's behind your eyes

Pilot Speed - Alright

Walk on by
Baby don't you even try
Walk on by
won't you baby
you cheated and you told me lies

The zodiacs - Renegade

I'm gonna walk on by
all night long, all day long

Walk walk 'til the day that I die

Yael Naim - Walk Walk

There are weeks that sometimes I suffer and then comes the relapse.

Sometimes I wish to have the power to be able to erase you from memory
In this weakness, to have the strength to make our story not walk on by and keep the door open

If I could erase you from my mind,

Henrique e Juliano - Relapses

Red wine that punctures the skin
Face to face in a dry and waterless place

Walk on by, walk on through.
So sad to besiege your love, so hang on
Stay this time, stay tonight in a lie

U2 - The Unforgettable Fire

Walk on by [don't stop]
Now you really gotta walk on by [don't stop]
Baby never even see the tears I cry [don't stop]
Now you really gotta walk on by [don't stop]

Dionne Warwick - Walk On By

that you gave me when you said goodbye
Just walk on by (don't stop), just walk on by (don't stop)
that you really gotta go so walk on by
said you really gotta go so walk on by
Baby leave me never see the tears I cry
Baby leave me never see the tears I cry

Seal - Walk on by

Do you really want me to be real in your life
Answer me now

Summer has come and I walk on by the sea
The waves break and crash and remind me of you
You’re where I wanna be

Amy May - Real

Just cast aside
You don't even know I'm alive
You just walk on by
Don't care to see me cry
And here I am

Mariah Carey - Can't Let Go

I don't wanna forget you
I don't even wanna try
How am I supposed to walk on by
When you're looking like that?

Westlife - When You're Looking Like That

Sékou :
how many more men must die pass by the public eye
on both sides of the atlantic watch the panic multiply
walk on by we divided supposed to coincide.
side line observers disturbers trying to stay alive
I realised at a young age lifes design maze like

Brothers Keepers - Adriano (Dernier Avertissement)

I got, I got, I got, I got, I got all my sisters with me

Everyone can see we’re together
As we walk on by
and we fly just like birds of a feather
I won’t tell no lie

Lodovica Comello - We are family

You walk on by as if I were just a shadow
And it's hard for me to say so
But I know you must go
You need some time up on the road that you are taking
So I'll give myself to waiting 'cause I know

Helene Fischer - You’re My Destination

I don't want to live on charity
Pleasure's real or is it fantasy?
Reel to reel is living rarity
People stop and stare at me We just walk on by - we just keep on dreaming
Feet feet, walking a two mile
Meet meet, meet me at the turnstile

Blondie - Dreaming

In the old lock.

And outside in front of the cage you can see the winner
How they walk on by bored and staring

Die Toten Hosen - Animal

Sékou :
how many more men must die pass by the public eye
on both sides of the atlantic watch the panic multiply
walk on by we divided supposed to coincide.
side line observers disturbers trying to stay alive
I realised at a young age lifes design maze like

Brothers Keepers - Adriano (letzte Warnung)

We're on an up down seesaw… Loop de li

You're watching and waiting
You walk on by
Delusion, you're drowning
You wonder why

Bryan Ferry - Loop De Li

Watch out!

I see you on the street and you walk on by
You make me wanna hang my head down and cry
If you gave me half a chance you'd see

Madonna - Open Your Heart

I’ve been looking at you
And every guy here’s doing the same, girl
It’d be a shame, girl
If I let you just walk on by
‘Cause I’m all caught up in your sweet smile
A girl like you comes around once in a while

Billy Currington - Hey Girl

You walk on by without feeling to your stroll.
You walk alone.


Lacuna Coil - Humane

Dacă mă vezi mergând pe stradă
Şi dacă încep a plânge de fiecare dată când ne întâlnim,
Treci pe alături, treci pe alături.

Imaginează-ţi că nu vezi lacrimile,
Doar lasă-mă să sufăr singur,

Seal - Treci pe alături (Walk on by)

Choke the fire now
Let it die, let it die

Just walk on by
Turn away and close your eyes
Pretend you never met me,

Molly Sandén - Kill This Love

Walk On By
Hoo Hoo ooo oo
So Walk On by
hoo Oo o Ooo

Fitz and the Tantrums - Winds of change

your face, your style, your kiss, your smile
all the puzzle pieces i've been missing
no man alive could walk on by
won't even try it
'cause there's no resisting you

Chris Madin - Jigsaw

And walk on by
I just can't get over losing you
And so if I seem broken and blue
Walk on by, walk on by
Foolish pride
Is all that I have left

Aretha Franklin - Walk On By

Think it's time to go

I gave you eveything that I've got
Watch my feelings walk on by
Ever guess it would try
This is how I feel inside, feel inside

Mary J. Blige - Feel Inside

Like this, good bye

It was too hard after getting away from you, but
I'll walk on by myself from now on
Don't ask me if I'm doing good
I'm still the same

2AM - Sorry I can't smile for you

Well I know you and you know, we’re killing time
We’re on an Up down see saw……Loop de li

You’re watching and waiting You walk on by
Delusion you’re drowning
You wonder why Ambition no telling What’s on your mind?

Bryan Ferry - Avonmore

Yeah, I got my boys with me
We’re just blowing off steam
Not looking to pick up anybody
So, I was gonna walk on by
You turned around and we locked eyes

Chris Young - Aw Naw

On the empty piers of metro
Behind the glass, in cold windows
You and me - we're looking for love
But always walk on by

Maybe we should tell her: "Hold on"

Svetlana Svetikova - Don't You Know

We could be giants, oh, you and I
We could be giants, giants, oh

You just walk on by when they criticize
Try to tear you apart with the dirty lies
They won't ever win, they don't understand

Ella Henderson - Giants

One word
One look
One walk on by

Your silence speaks to me tonight

Chester See - So Goodbye

I don't have nothing left to say...
Please take your head... look the other way...
Wow...wow...wow...walk on by...
Walk on by....

Gloria Gaynor - Walk On By

You, you, you know what I mean

All the guys whistle when they see me
Point their mouths as I walk on by
All the guys whistle when they see me
Flirt when they see me

Clemens - Do You Have Something To Say

But end up with nothing
Every time you walk on by

Every time you walk on by

Britney Spears - Walk On By

In my dream, I saw you in the little street we used to walk on by
Sometimes got wet in the rain, how much nostalgia do I have to hold to fill up the warm hand
Our dates slipped away slightly, you’re in such a rush to come
You’re too close to me, as if you never left.

Someone told me, the distance would make me stop thinking of you

Hương Tràm - The Moon Underneath Our Feet

(I can't feel love with you, even though we're close)
Jibun wo aishi hito wo aiseru
(I can love myself and others)
Walk on by

Olivia Lufkin - Walk on By

You cannot reach me now
No matter how you try
Goodbye cruel world it's over
Walk on by

Sitting in a bunker here behind my wall

Pink Floyd - Waiting For The Worms

Get up everybody and sing

Everyone can see we're together as we walk on by
(And) And we fly just like birs of a feather
I won't tell no lie

Jordan Pruitt - We Are Family

Fool me once but you won't fool me twice
Don't say shh just walk on by

Don't say - just walk on by

Melanie Fiona - Walk On By

I can feel your love
I will be there
whenever you just walk on by
whenever you just walk on by

Young Deenay - Walk on by

Smile out not in,
Head up not down.
And don’t look back,
Walk on, walk on.

Winnet - Walk On

They won’t see you

Go ahead
Walk on by
You don’t know I’m alive
Maybe one day you’ll find

Ashlee Simpson - Invisible

But we have bills to pay, yeah we have mouths to feed! (I won't come back!)
I won't come back!

And if you see me, please just walk on by, walk on by.
Forget my name and I'll forget it too.
Failed attempts at living simple lives, simple lives

Rise Against - Drones

I'll take the load of your skin
Throw me all your stones
You need a sinner I will
Every time I walk on by
Stroll along your street
Can't believe there's not a thing in the world

Balthazar - Bunker

Never pull it out
And you wonder why
You put your clothes
And you walk on by
Cause your heart is mine
And you close your eyes

School of Seven Bells - Show me Love

He can't find a job
And he's not quite the god that he was 10 years ago
Now he still talks those same smooth lies
But nobody falls they just walk on by
And he's trying to figure out
How he ended up this way

Paolo Nutini - The Love God

I try to shut my eyes, but I can't get her out of my sight
I know I'm gonna know her, but I can't get over my fright
Well, I'm a gonna walk up to her
I'm gonna talk to her tonight

Phantom Planet - Somebody's Baby

Oh fragrant flowers of Tonga
I will walk on by
As the Lalatahi flowers rustle
Be calm and silent that I may be praised

Potemani Kaufusi - Fragrant Flowers of Tonga

You'll be talking to me

But your secret world
As we walk on by
With the sky full of birds
And the dusk go approaching

Doves - Winter Hill

Now the club is hot and you're colder than ice.
If you want a shot, better take it tonight.
And if you see me there when I walk on by.
I will come to you when the time is right.

Jeffree Star - Queen Of The Club Scene

Give a sign, I need to know
A little bit of heart and soul

Walking on the water, walking on the air (a walk on the water)
That was the heart of the love we shared
Do you keep secret left untold (is all that I need)

T'Pau - Heart And Soul

Your love will help me, love will help me through

Every time I wonder why
Every time you walk on by
I only want to be with you
Your love will help me, love will help me through

Akira - Wanna Be With You

The queen of hearts
Here she comes
It's tearing me apart
Don't walk on by
Don't make my heart cry.

Bad Boys Blue - Lady Blue

Five : Beatboxing
Give me a {*beatboxin*} Yes and we rockin'!
Six : Street fashion, lookin' fly
Catchin' the eye while them cats walk on by
Seven: Street language, our verbal communication
Our codes throughout the nation

KRS-One - 9 Elements

In the cool night air

I can feel my heart beat
As you walk on by
A complete sensation
To the human eye.

Joe Dolan - Endless Magic

Why do we do the things we do
Why do we say the things we say

So if you walk on by and you don’t know how
Then I’ll tell you
You’ve got to lift your head, untie your shoes

The Green Children - Outline

Run, we could run for miles
It'll take a while to bring me back to you
Run, we could run for miles
I should walk on by us
If you want the truth
You know it's up to you

We Are The Ocean - The Road

When the world is on your shoulders
Just smile and let it go
When people try to put you down
Just walk on by don't turn around
You only have to answer to yourself

S Club 7 - Bring It All Back

Walk on by me
Don't deny me

Emilíana Torrini - Wednesday's Child

Just a waste of my time
It’s okay, I’ll survive
You crossed the line
Guess you’d better walk on by, by, by

You’re such a challenge to read

Xandra - Walk On By

Why you gotta be so shy?

I'll make something out of nothing if I'm able
I should just walk on by

There's a picture

Matt Simons - Weight on me

There's a voice your friends have heard.

Before I turn to dust
Don't walk on by
Before I turn to rust
Don't wave goodbye

Andrew Morris - Dust

A burning fire burning sensation
I close my eyes, walk on by
Hear in this forest all these voices
I want my, want my, going to fear

The Beauty of Gemina - Voices of Winter

We're both downtown

If we should meet
Just walk on by
Oh, darling, please don't cry

James Carr - The Dark At The End of the Street

You walk on by
Clueless and so high
Following your aimless path
Away from us

You're so far away

Sarah McLachlan - U Want Me 2

When you really gotta go, just walk on by

If you really wanna go, just walk on by
Walk on by (x2)

Mina - Walk On By

Overhead, / the sky is dark, and the stars / are hidden under / a wall of thunder clouds.
Watch them make believe / like they're wise enough to see;/ they are laughing, and they're lying / to themselves too.
On the shelf, / they keep the heart-broken shards, / to show the world / what they have taken from you.
And so I keep my eyes / on tomorrow, and walk on by,
on to where / I can sing my heart out!

Marina (Girls Dead Monster) - My Song

Hey, bystander, walk on by,
Go, or you will get black eye.
Hey, bystander, walk on by,
Go, or you will get black eye.

Viktor Tsoi - Bystander

People passing by come to me and then disappear
I sleep alone here

On the path we are supposed to walk on by holding hands
Our footprints continue from faraway

Touhou Project - Scarlet Moon

You know you really got to go
So walk on by
Baby leave me never see the tears I cry
Know you really go to go so walk on by

Gabrielle - Walk On By

But when you finally make up your mind
You go and change one more time
We can go out on Friday nights
A pretty girl could walk on by
If you really think I'd check her out
Come on, now

Dylan Scott - Crazy over me

And if by chance we're both taken in
and taken downtown
But if we should meet before then,
then just walk on by
Oh, sweet baby, please don't you cry

Cat Power - Dark End of the Street

Thunder picks you up, slaps you on the wall
That's maniacal, I cuff through my manacle
Mechanical and super-natty
Love is not talk, I walk on by
Exotic spices
If your mouth can't tame the meaning

Tricky - Brand New You're Retro

Walk on by
You walk on by
Walk on by
Wondering why

Lacuna Coil - Comalies

At the end of it all
No one wants to drink alone
Baby that's how it goes
Don't walk away from me

Thundercat - Walk On By

Don’t you wanna be my guy
‘Cause don’t hide your love so deep inside
Don’t tease me when I walk on by
‘Cause I need you by my side

Sopho Khalvashi - Tell Me Why

Wishing you'd say we could
Wishing you'd say we could

But you just walk on by
I'm only dreaming

Aurora (United Kingdom) - Dreaming

I found peace in a world so cruel
You made me believe in something anew
You're my beginning, you're my life till the end
I'd never let you walk on by

And if only love was this easy

Lucy Rose - Love Song