Forget-me-nots to You [ Wasurenagusa wo Anata ni (忘れな草をあなたに) ]

English translation

Forget-me-nots to You

Even if you leave me, even if you leave me, I wish
You remember me deep in your heart
For ever, for ever
In place of my prayer for your happiness
I send forget-me-nots to you
To you
At all times, at all times
Some people meet; some people part
That’s the way meant to be
In flood of tears I picked on the beach
Those forget-me-nots for you
For you
With tear of joy in our eyes
We hold tight each other
May that day come some day
With memory of our love
I send forget-me-nots to you
To you
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Wasurenagusa wo Anata ni (忘れな草をあなたに)

別れても 別れても 心の奥に
いつまでも いつまでも
憶えておいて ほしいから
幸せ祈る 言葉にかえて
忘れな草を あなたに
いつの世も いつの世も 別れる人と


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