When the smoke is going down

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Artist: Scorpions
Music / Lyrics: Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine
Versions ελληνικά

 Riff1                              Riff2
e|--1-----3-1-0--|--1-------0----|  |--1-----1-----0|--0-----0-----0|
B|----3---------3|----3-------3--|  |----3-----3----|----1-----1----|
G|------2--------|------2-------2|  |------2-----2--|------0-----0--|
D|0--------------|---------------|  |0--------------|---------------|
A|---------------|1-------3------|  |---------------|3--------------|
E|---------------|---------------|  |---------------|---------------|
Dm(Riff1) Bb C Dm(Riff2) Bb C x2  
Dm            C                  Dm(Riff1) Bb C
Just when you make your way back home 
Dm          C           Dm(Riff2) Bb C
I find some time to be alone 
Dm      C                  Dm(Riff1) Bb C
I go to see the place once more 
Dm          C               Dm(Riff2) Bb C A 
just like a thousand nights before 
A                            Dm
I climb the stage again this night
           Eb                Dm
'cause the place seems still alive
         C              Dm(Riff1)
when the smoke is going down  
Bb C Dm(Riff2) Bb C Dm(Riff1) Bb C Dm(Riff2)
Dm          C               Dm(Riff1) Bb C
This is the place where I belong 
Dm       C                Dm(Riff2) Bb C  
I really love to turn you on 
Dm            C                 Dm(Riff1) Bb C   
I've got your sound still in my ear 
Dm         C           Dm(Riff2) Bb C A
while your traces disappear 
(refrain) x2
         C              Dm(Riff) Bb C
when the smoke is going down    x3
         Bb       C     Dm
when the smoke is going down