Wouldn't be caught dead

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Wouldn't be caught dead (English) — Would never want to do, wear, be or say something/someone

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"Wouldn't be caught dead" in lyrics

And I wouldn't be caught dead-d-dead-d-dead-d-dead in this place
Well, I'm afraid that I
Well that's right, well, I may have faked it
And I wouldn't be caught dead in this place

And isn't this exactly where you'd like me?

Panic! At the Disco - But It's Better If You Do

I'm never going back to Jackson
I couldn't bear to show my face
I nearly killed you with my drinking
Wouldn't be caught dead in that place

Lonely highway, only friend

The Magnetic Fields - Lonely Highway

I will buy this country back

I wouldn't be caught dead in love
I wouldn't be caught dead in love
'Cause love is a chain store

The Ropes - Love Is a Chain Store