Christ is risen [ Xristos Anesti (Χριστὸς ἀνέστη) ]

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Christ is risen

Christ is risen
from the dead,
having beaten Death by [his own] death
and having given the gift of life to those in the graves.
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** This was not uploaded for any religious purposes **

Petros Gaitanos is a masterful vocalist. He is gifted in taking whatever text he's given, and making it burst with passion and emotion - and that's why I like him.
Even in this lower quality live version of this performance, it is clear that this man has a wonderful voice and great passion. Check it if you wish :

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Xristos Anesti (Χριστὸς ἀνέστη)

Xristos anesti
ek nekron,
thanato thanaton patisas,
ke tis en tis mnimasin zoin xarisamenos
Transliteration submitted by SaintMark on Sun, 25/09/2016 - 15:59
Χριστὸς ἀνέστη ἐκ νεκρῶν
θανάτῳ θάνατον πατήσας
καὶ τοῖς ἐν τοῖς μνήμασι
ζωὴν χαρισάμενος.
Submitted by TrampGuy on Thu, 12/01/2012 - 01:43
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see comments in my translation

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Thank you Smile

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I am the Prophet:

I am Kin to the Key from the House of Payne in which God dwells. I have wrath upon my knew but my wrath has hearth look and see. I have SAP upon my back from the cross I was crucified on. I have sailed the seven seas for seven years so I may unite the world as one Nation under Seven Seas, cross my heart. I have compass about me, true North no lie. A moral compass for the world to follow. I can not point the blame or pinky swear. I have the fear of God and Her love in my right hand and the end of hate in my left. I carry Buddha on my back because God turn Her Back on him and Shiva rides on my calf because God cut off his feet so he may never put his feet down unless I do first. I have the word of God upon my side. I am a very rare bird in deed and that is why God put wings on me. I am Jesus Christ.

Bragging rights

I have survived a battle between God and the Devil over my soul and God Won!

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