Ya banat- Girls (Ya banat)


Ya banat

Ya banat, ya banat, ya banat
Elli ma5alefsh banat
Mashbe3sh men el 7eneya
We mada2sh el 7alaweyat
7elwa el ayam fe 3naya
3alashan 5aleft bneya
Wala shoft el ard ethadet
Wala malet el 7eta 3laya
Sa2afo we or2oso ya wlad

Ya banat ya banat ya banat
elli ma 5allefsh banat
ma shbe3sh men el 7eneya
w ma da2sh el 7alaweyat
7ilwa el ayam fi 3naya
3lashan 5aleft bnaya
wala shoft el ard et.hadet wala malet el 7eta 3alaya
sa2afo w r2oso ya wlad

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English translation

Ya banat- Girls

O girls, o girls, o girls
Who doesn't have female children
(literally Who hasn't born girls)
Hasn't had enough of caring
And hasn't tasted sweets
Days are beautiful in my eyes
Because I have a baby girl
I didn't see the floor collapse
Nor the wall leaned towards me
Clap and dance, boys/children

oh girls oh girls oh girls
who didn't have girls
didn't had enough tenderness
and haven't tasted sweets
the days look beautiful in my eyes
because I had a daughter
and I haven't seen the earth destroyed, nor the wall broke on me
clap and dance boys

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