Yeke Yeke


Yeke Yeke

Bi sounkouroun lou la donkégna ah ah
Bi kamberen lou la donkegna ah ah
I madji I ma yélé
I kanan n'bila nara ro
N'bo n'bolo bila
Kanfalani yana sara le ila
Gnin kisse gbela serra le ils
Yékéké nimo yé ké yé ké
Ké woyé boli lalé
N'na doni kassi kan
Woyé boli lalé
Eh eh
Nyé n'ta soron akono mi ma ta I yonfé
Wo dén té soron lonkéléna
Sini Mory la diyandé
Timba bara wouloukounta
Souba ma kata I yala
Ah sara lila
Yékéké nimo yé ké yé ké
Djely mousso ni kédjou to wara bo
M'ba mofila téma yan féou
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I think this might be in a dialect from Mali. Great song.

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English translation

Yeke Yeke

You're my own little movie star
I've found you
you are my superstar
the number 1 in my heart
If you do not kiss me now give
that's a sin
This is a solid happy ending
and our new start
hey you
I'm crazy for you
hey you
you're such a nice pretty face
your little summer trials
yeye ye Yeke
Yeke Yeke yeye
Yeke yeye
Yeke Yeke yeye
you play the leading role
n a fairytale
I have invented
you are my prince super
I'm your princess
you are the first of my
love wins
You're just what I wanted
I love you
hey you
I'm crazy for you
hey you
you have such a nice pretty face
your little summer trials
yeye ye Yeke
Yeke Yeke yeye
Yeke yeye
Yeke Yeke yeye
The first sweet nothings
My little brother
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I don't have the correct translation, anyhow I really think it's the Dogon Language ( they call it "awa danu" or "hidden language"), at least it sounds alike. And that's why nobody can translate it but a Dogon (actually they live in Mali,close to Burkina Faso...), 'cos nobody really knows their language. However, the real meaning is very difficult to get completely, even if you've got the written translation, as a single word can get a lot of meanings (such as in many other African Languages, for instance Twi, Djoula, Voun, Ewe, etc.)...Good luck...

Translation source:
Mory Kanté: Top 3
Mande-Princess    Fri, 12/06/2015 - 05:12

No, offense but the lyrics is not even close to it. And the language is not Dogon, he is speaking Malinke from Guinea -Conakry. I am working on a proper translation and I will forward it to your email.