Jesus is my strength


Yesus Kekuatanku

Hanya Engkau jurus' lamatkuJ
Tuhan Kau setia padaku
Yang ku pegang hanya janjiMu
Kupercayakan hidupku

Ku sembah Kau Allahku
Kau yang pedulikan s'luruh hidupku
Walau lewati lembah
Aku tak ditinggalkan
Yesus kekuatan dihidupku

Hanya Engkau Jurus'lamaku
Tuhan Kau setia padaku
Kuyakini pertolonganMu
Takkan terlambat bagiku

Submitted by Amelia Toral on Mon, 07/12/2009 - 15:25
Submitter's comments:

Thank you in advance for translating this Indonesian song into English. Gad bless you all..

Try to align
English translation

Jesus is my strength

only You is my destination
God, You stay by me
The only promises I trust is Yours
I believe in my life

I pray to you my God
You the One that cared about my whole life
Even through valleys
I will not leave
Jesus is the strength of my life

only You my verses for
God, You stay by me
I beleive in Your help
It will not be too late for me.

Submitted by thaesya on Tue, 03/08/2010 - 05:34
Author's comments:

im not christian not indonesian, but i think this is good enough

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