yolun guller dolsun (Yolun gülle dolsun)

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yolun guller dolsun

You'll blow away like the wind
Whilst I would suffer madly from separation
You'd flow away like the years
Whilst I would crazily await the mornings
You'll find a way, pass on and forget
Go, my rose, your path shall be free
Your path shall be filled with roses
Hopes shall always find you, and yearnings me
Your eyes shall be filled with tears, and your heart with me
This song shall be our oath
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Yolun gülle dolsun

Sen rüzgâr gibi esip geçersin
Ben deli gibi hasret çekerken
Sen yıllar gibi geçip gidersen
Ben deli gibi sabahları beklerken
Bir yol bulursun geçer unutursun
Hadi gülüm hadi yolun açık olsun
Yolun gülle dolsun


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