Embrace (Zagrljaj)

English translation


The night is passing by slowly
it's the last night (of summer)
because the summer is ending
stay beside me, so I'm not sad
Love me tonight
like you did before
because now I know that
we were a perfect couple
Ref. I
An embrace tells me it's not the end
and I love you, I know you feel
the embrace of summer love
and whisper to me; "S'agapo poli"
The night is departing
before the morning
although I know we were
a perfect couple in the crowd
Therefore don't leave
give me your hand
and and oath of love
and dream beside me forever
Ref. II
An embrace tells me it's not the end
don't ask me anything while I'm kissing you
because I pray to the stars for you
to love you forever, my dear
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Noć, polako prolazi poslednja noć
jer letu je kraj
ti budi tu, da tužna nisam ja
I noćas voli me, kao i pre
jer sada znam
da bili smo mi savršen par


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